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Probably around 50 to 60 as most of the fallout is fission fragments from fissions of the uranium-238 radiation casing surrounding the fusion stage due to 15MeV fission neutrons generated. About 90% of the bomb yield is from this fission also.

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Q: How many Radioactive elements fallout from a hydrogen bomb?
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What does the H-bomb do?

explode and produce radioactive fallout

Is hydrogen bomb dirty?

We'll consider "dirty" to mean producing radioactive fallout. Since hydrogen bombs (fusion bomb) require the energy from an atomic bomb (fission bomb) they are a little dirty. Its mostly the atomic bomb that creates dangerous isotopes that contaminate the blast area, and regions down-wind. Now an H-bomb is generally "cleaner" than a bomb purposefully-design to create a large amount of dangerous, radioactive fallout. There are various techniques where one can change the type and duration of fallout. These types of weapons are generally use fission (not fusion) to create this effect.

What type of cloud results from an atomic bomb explosion?

a radioactive fallout cloud

What is the most powerful fusion weapon?

The hydrogen bomb basically it is the deuterium bomb which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen.

If a fusion reaction produces no appreciable radioactive isotopes then why does a hydrogen bomb produce significant radioactive fallout?

A hydrogen bomb is actually a fission-fusion-fission reaction. The primary fission trigger (plutonium) supplies the energy to induce fusion, but then the fusion energy is used to initiate the secondary fission, which is a large amount of uranium. (in a "clean" H bomb, the uranium is replaced with lead, making it much weaker) also, the radiation will affect the surrounding area, creating a large number of isotopes, dramatically increasing the radioactive fallout.-Akilae

What element was discovered in the debris from the first hydrogen bomb explosion?

The fallout of Ivy Mike contained two new elements which were then named einsteinium and fermium.

What elements are in the atomic bomb?

Uranium plutonium and hydrogen

What were the effects after the atomic bomb was dropped on japan?

Radiation and atomic fallout (radioactive dust/debris forming a cloud).

What is the fallout for nuclear bomb?

Fallout is a mixture of:fission productsdirt picked up by the updraft into the mushroom cloudneutron activated isotopes of normally non-radioactive parts of the bomb and nearby objectsoxides of unfissioned uranium and/or plutonium from the bombetc.

What elements are in atom bombs?

if the bomb is a fission bomb it will use uranium 235 for fuel. if the bomb is a thermonuclear bomb (fusion) it will use the element hydrogen and an isotope of hydrogen for fuel.

What was the atom bomb made of?

The original atomic bomb used a radioactive isotope of Uranium (U235) as its energy source, but other heavy elements, such as Plutonium, could also be used. Also, the Hydrogen bomb is often referred to as an "atom" bomb or "atomic" bomb, which it is, but it works by nuclear fusion, not nuclear fission.

What elements make up an atomic bomb?

Uranium, Hydrogen, or Plutonium.

How did the hydrogen bomb differ from the atomic weapons used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

In an atomic bomb, uranium or plutonium fission or implosive are needed to get the blast. The hydrogen bomb functions by the fusion, or joining together, of lighter elements into heavier elements.

Was einsteinium used in the hydrogen bomb?

No, but it was produced in several of the tests and was first discovered in the fallout.

What is a radioactive atomic bomb?

any atomic bomb is radioactive, by definition

Does a atomic bomb destroy a tornado?

Absolutely. However, the certain widespread dispersal of radioactive fallout would deem this solution a ridiculous one.

What 2 radioactive elements were chosen for the atomic bomb?

Uranium and Plutonium

Does hydrogen burn or help things burn?

Hydrogen is an explosive gas- remember the Hindenberg! This is regular Hydrogen not the radioactive variety- the H-bomb so powerful it needs a regular nuclear bomb to act as a detonator, a double-flash indeed.

Is the nuclear bomb the biggest bomb?

No the hydrogen bomb is -The hydrogen bomb is a type of nuclear bomb.

What to do in bomb shleters?

Bomb shelters or Fallout shelters? They are different.Bomb shelters protect from blast and debris. Building these for public use in a nuclear war is impractical and prohibitively expensive.Fallout shelters protect from radioactive fallout. Assuming you could get to one in time what you would do is mostly wait, for weeks to months until the fallout outside decayed to "safe" levels.

Does transmutation help in making a hydrogen bomb?

Transmutation occurs when a fusion bomb (H-bomb) detonates: The Primary (A-bomb/fission) converts a heavy element like plutonium or uranium into lighter elements, such as strontium, etc... The Secondary (H-bomb/fusion part) converts a light element into heavier elements, like Hydrogen into Helium.

Which is more destructive a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb, is a nuclear bomb

What will happen if a nuke goes off cheeks?

You will instantly vaporize and a few minutes later your vapor will condense high in the stratosphere as part of the bomb's radioactive fallout.

Radioactive particles stirred up after a nuclear explosion?

fallout, a mixture of debris picked up by the updraft in the mushroom cloud and condensed vaporized bomb materials.

What is nucl ear fallout?

A nuclear fallout is when an atomic bomb is dropped on a country.