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How many Rose Bowl appearances does Michigan have?

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Michigan has made 20 appearances in the Rose Bowl.

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Out of 4 appearances, Michigan State has won the Rose Bowl 3 times: 1954, 1956 and 1988

Through the 2010 Rose Bowl, 0.

From 1-1-1902 to 1-1-2008, Michigan has won the Rose Bowl 8 times.

As of the start of the 2007 season, USC has made 31 Rose Bowl appearances and won 22 times.

3. Through the 2009 Rose Bowl, Michigan State has won 3 of the 4 Rose Bowls they've played in. 1954: Michigan State 28, UCLA 20 1956: Michigan State 17, UCLA 14 1966: UCLA 14, Michigan State 12 1988: Michigan State 20, USC 17

Including it's win in 2014, Michigan State is 4-1 all-time in the Rose Bowl Game. It is important to note that "Rose Bowl" refers to the stadium and "Rose Bowl Game" refers to the football bowl game held at the Rose Bowl each January 1st or 2nd.

According to the College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Michigan football team has 8 Rose Bowl Championships (1902, 1948, 1951, 1965, 1981, 1989, 1993, 1998).

Bamma has the most Bowl Appearances (54) and most Bowl Wins (32, per

One, on January 1, 1938 Auburn defeated the Spartans 6-0.

Tampa Bay is 1 for 1 in Super Bowl appearances

The Steelers have made eight Super Bowl appearances. They have a 6-2 record.

Michigan State has had 22 NCAA Tourney appearances. They curently sit 28th on the the all-time list.

There are a little more than 90,000 seats in the Rose Bowl.

in 1978 the badgers went to the rose bowl

The California Golden Bears have appeared in eight Rose Bowl Games, the most recent in 1959 after the 1958 season-a 38-12 loss to Iowa. Cal's record is 2-5-1. It should be noted that the first two appearances for Cal were technically in the "Tournament of Roses Football Game," the precursor name to the "Rose Bowl Game."

They have had 40. They have won 24 of them.

18 bowl games. Unfortunately when Michigan State was very good the Big Ten would not allow a team to go to a bowl game two years in a row. The total would be much higher. Actually wasnt that only true with respect to the Rose Bowl Game and not all Bowl games ????

5 Super bowl appearances: Stabler (XI), Gannon (XXXVII), LaMonica (II), and Plunkett (XV and XVIII) were the quarterbacks.

the Indianapolis colts will appear in the super bowl for the fourth time in super bowl 44

8 Super Bowl Appearances 5 Super Bowl Victories 3 Super Bowl Losses

Four. 1953: 28-20 over UCLA 1955: 17-14 over UCLA 1965: 12-14 loss to UCLA 1987: 20-17 over USC "The alumni are always with you, win or tie." Duffy Daugherty

The stadium used for the Rose Bowl is in Pasadena, California. It seats 92,542 people.

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