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Including it's win in 2014, Michigan State is 4-1 all-time in the Rose Bowl Game.

It is important to note that "Rose Bowl" refers to the stadium and "Rose Bowl Game" refers to the football bowl game held at the Rose Bowl each January 1st or 2nd.

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How many Rose Bowls has Ohio state won?

Ohio State has won 7 Rose Bowl Games. They have played in 14 Rose Bowls, and a total of 44 Bowl Games.

How many rose bowls has Texas won?

They have won 2 rose bowls

How many times has Oregon State University gone to the Rose Bowl?

Oregon State has played in 3 Rose Bowls. Their record is 1-2.

How many times has Iowa appeared in Rose Bowl?

They have played in 5 Rose Bowls and have won 2.

How many Rose Bowls has the university of Oregon won?

2. Through the 2012 Rose Bowl, Oregon has been to 6 Rose Bowls and won twice (1917 against Pennsylvania and 2012 against Wisconsin).

How many Rose Bowl games have Alabama won?

Alabama has wone 4 rose bowls and went in over time 1time and lost so they one 4 bowls and lost one

How many times has Michigan State won the Rose Bowl?

3. Through the 2009 Rose Bowl, Michigan State has won 3 of the 4 Rose Bowls they've played in. 1954: Michigan State 28, UCLA 20 1956: Michigan State 17, UCLA 14 1966: UCLA 14, Michigan State 12 1988: Michigan State 20, USC 17

How many Rose Bowls has the university of Washington won?

The University of Washington Huskies have played in 14 Rose Bowls. They have a 7-6-1 record, winning in 1960, 1961, 1978, 1982, 1990, 1991 and 2001.

How many Rose Bowls has Asu won?

Obviously all of them because asu is so great

How many feet tall is Lake Michigan?

how mant feet is lake micigan

How many Rose Bowls has Stanford university won?

5 ... 1928, 1936, 1941, 1971, and 1972.

How many bsc bowl games are there?

There are 5. There is the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the BCS National Championship. There are a total of 35 bowls including the 5 BCS bowls.

How many times has Tennessee won the Rose Bowl?

0 ... Tennessee has played in two Rose Bowls, losing both to USC in 1940 (14-0) and 1945 (25-0).

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How many syllables does the word 'bowls' have?

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How many Super Bowls do the giants have?

They have won 4 Super bowls.

How many times has Ohio State University been to the Rose Bowl?

As of the 2008 season, Ohio State has been to the Rose Bowl 13 times and their record is 6-7. Their last appearance in the Rose Bowl was 1997 when they defeated Arizona State, 20-17.

How many Super Bowls have the Colts been to?

they have been to 3 super bowls

How many Super Bowls has Dallas won?

they have won 5 super bowls

How many Super Bowls did raiders go to?

They have gone to 5 Super Bowls.

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