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How many Spider-Man movies is Andrew Garfield going to star in?


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Two. The Amazing Spider-Man [2012] & The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [2014]

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Tobey Maguire is not going to be in any more Spiderman movies. They are remaking the Spiderman movies using a new actor (Andrew Garfield) playing Spiderman with an entirely new cast.

There will not be a fourth movie with Tobey Maguire, but there is going to be a reboot with Andrew Garfield. It is coming out on July 3, 2012 and will be called "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Tobey Maguire was in the original trilogy- now Andrew Garfield is going to be in the reboot.

I am not sure but it is rumored that he might play Spiderman in new Spiderman movies. But he is going to be in a movie called Three Musketeers that is coming out in 2011.

Yes, Sam Rami the man who instructed the spiderman movies is going to instruct it.

He is under contract to do three movies- but Sony is talking about possibly doing a fourth one for the rebooted series.

Sam Raimi directed three movies with Tobey Maguire playing the role- but Marc Webb has directed a reboot with Andrew Garfield now playing the role. It is going to be followed by two sequels. So there should be six movies in all.

No- Andrew Garfield was the one chosen for the role and he will be doing it in three films.

Some of the rumored movies of 2016 that have not been announced yet are The Amazing spiderman 3, Bettlejuice 2, Clue, He-Man, Hot Wheels, and Lensman.

no, the amazing spiderman 4 is never gonig to be created

Garfield is still alive and going strong.

There will not be a new one with Tobey Maguire returning, but there will be a new Spider-Man movie with Andrew Garfield replacing him.

Yes- he is currently under contract to do at least three films for the series.

I usually say going out to see a movie, or going out to the movies.

To start of with, there is not going to be a Spider Man 4. If there was, it would've been vulture. Sony was pushing Sam Raimi (direcotr of spiderman) around, so he got very angry, and left spiderman. So sony is making a new spiderman series with new acotrs and a new director. It starts of with peter parker back in high school. The series is going to be called the 'Amazing Spiderman' and is subject to release in 2012.

i dont know, but did some research on it I LOVE GARFIELD.

No- because it is never going to be made. The series with Tobey Maguire has now ended and the next movie will be the start of a new one.

That will not happen because Spider-Man 4 will never be made. The next movie is going to be a reboot with the character played by a different actor.Venom never died in Spiderman 3 as many would think.

No there will not be a Spiderman 4 because it is getting rebooted to 2012. Spiderman armor looks like spiderman but exepect it is blue and black instead of red and blue

there are going to have 3 Smurf Movies.

There will not be a Spider-Man 4 as a sequel to the three films that starred Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. However, the series has been rebooted with Andrew Garfield with 2 films as of 2014.

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