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About 10 quarts

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Q: How many Transmission fluids will take in ford explorer 1991?
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What transmission is in a 1991 Ford explorer?

The automatic transmission is an A4LD in a 1991 Ford Explorer

Would a 1990 Ford Explorer transmission fit in to a 1994 Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer was introduced in 1991. There are no 1990 Explorers to take a transmission from.

Will the transmissiom from a 1991 Ford Explorer fit a 1996 Ford Explorer?

The transmissions from 1991 - 1994 are the same. So the 1991 transmission will not fit a 1996 explorer.

Will a manual transmission from a 1991 Ford Explorer fit a 1994 Ford Explorer?

I dont see why not.

How do you take out a transmission on a 1991 Ford Explorer?

Do I have to drop the maliford to take out the transmission?

Can you gut a 1995 Ford Explorer transmission on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

The transmissions from 1991 - 1994 Ford Explorers are the same. So the 1995 transmission is different.

Will a 1995 Ford Explorer 4.0 transmission fit a 1994 Ford Explorer 4.0?

The 1995 is a 4R55E ( electronically controlled transmission ) and the 1991 to 1994 Explorers use an A4LD automatic transmission

Where do you add transmission fluid to a manual transmission 1991 ford explorer?

Should be a plug at the side of the transmission - fill to this level

How much does it cost to put in a rebuilt transmission on a 1991 Eddie Bauer ford explorer?

My transmission change through the Ford dealership was about $2800.

What kind of transmission fluid do you put in your 91 Ford Explorer?

On a 1991 Ford Explorer : The A4LD automatic transmission uses MERCON automatic transmission fluid according to my Haynes Ford Explorer repair manual * the type of fluid used should be engraved into the automatic transmission fluid level dipstick

Do you use regular mercon ATF in a 92 Ford Explorer?

My Haynes repair manual for the Ford Explorer ( 1991 thru 1995 ) shows MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the automatic transmission

Can you change the transmission fluids in a2002 Ford Explorer?

Starting with the 2002 Ford Explorer ( 4 door ) there isn't an automatic transmission fluid dipstick that allows you to refill the transmission . The Ford dealer has a way of checking the transmission fluid level from underneath the vehicle , I couldn't find anything in the 2002 Ford Explorer maintenance schedule so I would ask a Ford dealer . I know that on my 1995 Ford Explorer I've had the dealer use a machine a couple of times that pumps in new transmission fluid through the transmission cooler lines as the old fluid is pumped out