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about 146 at their peak {| ! align="left" | Location ! Avg # of U-boats ! align="left" | Emden | 25 ! align="left" | Ostend | 23 ! align="left" | Pola | 22 ! align="left" | Wilhelmshaven | 22 ! align="left" | Libau | 9 ! align="left" | Constantinople | 3 |}

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How many boats did the uboats sink?

It sank up to 2,779 ships in world war 2

What were uboats used for during world war 1?

they were used to kill

Why were uboats important in World War 2?

The submarines attacked Pearl Harbor

How many planes did Germany have at beginning of World War I?

how many planes id germany have at start of World War 1

Which wars did Germany fight in?

Germany have fought in many wars. The main ones are; World War 1, World War 2

What were the effects of the German ports being blocked in world war 1?

The Germans then threatened to use only Uboats for war and blew up a few ships.

How many war planes did Germany have in World War 1?

at least 1

Name of battle between Germany and Britain?

World War 1 and World War 2 were many battles between Germany and Britain.

Was Germany successful in World War 1?

No. Germany was defeated in World War I.

Is there a war in Germany?

No, the last war in Germany was World War 2

How many soldiers did Germany have in world war 1?


How many Jews were there in Germany after world war 2?


How many divisions did Germany have in World War 2?


Did a world war happen in Germany?

Germany was one of the main combatants in both World War I and World War II.

How many Jews died in the First World War fighting for Germany?

In World War 1 over 12,000 German Jews died fighting for Germany.

Did Germany take victory in World War 1?

No. Germany lost World War I.

Germany after World War two?

Germany was left banrupt after world war two

Germany was divided into how many parts after World War 2?

2- Eastern and Western Germany.

Why did us enter world world 1?

because of the alliances the US had made previous to the start of the war along with the threat of the German Uboats attacking US civilians and property.

Why did Germany start world war2?

Because Germany had problems. Many countries blamed Germany for starting world war 2, so Germany was in a lot of dept.

How was Germany affected by their loss in World War 1?

Major debts due to many countries.demilitarization in Germany Article 321 blamed Germany for the entire war.

How many casualties did Germany have in World War 2?

During World War 2 the total casualty lost by Nazi Germany (without Austria) were about 8 Million.

Differences in alliences in world war 1 and 2?

Both world wars had Germany on one side and Britain, France, the United States, Russia, and China on the other. Differences include the fact that the Russia of World War I was the imperial Russian Empire while the Russia of World War II was the communist Soviet Union. Countries that changed sides include Turkey (for Germany in World War I, neutral in World War II), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (for Germany in World War I, no longer existed by the time of World War II), Italy (against Germany in World War I, for Germany in World War II), and Japan (against Germany in World War I, for Germany in World War II).

Was Germany World War 1 or World War 2?

Germany was in WW I and WW II.

How many soldiers fought for Germany in World War 1?


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