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Q: How many UK number ones has george Michael had?
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How many number ones in how many countries has Michael Jackson had?

He's had numerous number ones in many countries, there's far to many to list. For all of his number ones in various countries, see related links.

How many US Number 1s did Michael Jackson have?

He had 14 solo number ones, 18 if you include the ones with the Jackson 5.

Who has the most number ones Michael Jackson or Madonna?

Michael Jackson

Has Michael Jackson had more UK number one singles than anyone else?

No Elvis Presley has the most U.K number ones with total of 21, Michael has 7 U.K number ones.

How many songs did Michael Jackson have that were number ones on the charts?

Michael Jackson had many songs in his career. He is famously known as 'The King of Pop', a title he rightly deserved. In the United States, Michael had 13 singles that reached number one in charts throughout his career.

What musician has the most number one songs?

George Strait with 57 number ones.

Where can you find the CD's of all George Strait's number one hits?

Grab the 50 number ones CD. by King George.

How many number ones did Elvis have in this country?

How many number ones did Elvis Presley have in this country.England

Who had more UK number ones Michael Jackson or Madonna?

Madonna (12).

Who has had the most number one singles?

Mariah Carey, Beatles, Elvis. Michael Jackson has the most number ones from any male artist, since records began. This is not true. George Strait has 60 number one singles which is more than Mariah Carey, The Beatles, Elvis or Michael Jackson.

Who has more numbers ones Madonna or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson. Madonna has had 12 number 1 singles but Michael Jackson just beat her with 13 number 1 singles.

How many number ones does usher have?

how many number 1s has ushe had ??

Boys names from World War 2?

There are lots of names including Paul, Willie, Tom, Russell, Robert, Albert, Zach, George, Michael and many many more but these were the ones that were the most popular.

How many tens and how many ones are there in number 12?

one ten and two ones.

A number has 3 ones twice as many hunreds as ones and 3 times as many ones as tens and two more thousands then hundreds what number are you?


How many number ones did elvis Presley have?

Before Elvis Presley died he had 18 number ones, butafter his death, he had 17 number ones.

Who has had more Number One hits - Michael Jackson or Elvis?

In the USA, Elvis has 17 number ones, Jackson has 13.

How many number ones has akon had?

Too Many

Which Michael Jackson album is song One More Chance from?

Number Ones compilation album.

When were Michael Jacksons number ones released?

The album Number Ones was released in 2003. For a list of is individual numbers one songs and there release dates, see related links.

How many number ones has ndubz had?

one. number one :)

How many Christmas number ones has cliff Richard had?

Cliff Richard has had 3 Christmas number ones

How many number ones have the who had?


How many number ones has Rhianna had?


How many number ones has elvis had?