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There have been many schools closed in the United States for budgetary reasons. It takes a lot of money to keep a school operating and when the city does not have the money, they may look for alternatives such as merging schools.

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Q: How many US schools have been cosed due to budget cuts?
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In 2009 were schools in America in a good state?

schools are okay there have been many budget cuts in some public schools and some other things have been cute out too

How many schools in RI are facing budget cuts?

your face and that meaan you you you

How many schools have cut music programs because of budget cuts?

over 9000

When did budget cuts start?

Budget cuts started back in 2008 when the largest rescission hit in decades. It didn't really effect schools and business until 2009 though, when 42 states cut budgets from schools and health care programs.

What are budget cuts?

budget cuts are cuts or shortages of money made by the government due to the lack of tax payers

Where can news on budget cuts be found?

There are many places where news on budget cuts can be found. News on budget cuts can be found at popular on the web sources such as ABC News and the Huffington Post.

Why is physical education not propely taught in schools?

Perhaps the biggest culprit would be budget cuts. Physical education is usually one of the first programs to be cut during budget tightening.

Is the school budget cut bad?

yes the budget cuts are bad. they are causing millions of people to lose their jobs. In Texas governor rick perry is the reason for the budget cuts. All the back up funds were taken out by perry. in my opinion perry should never have been in office to begin with. I am 13 and i can prove what rick perry did. go to google and type in: RICK PERRY/ BUDGET CUTS.

With all the talk of budget cuts are teacher jobs still available in Colorado?

More than likely teaching jobs are not available now in Colorado. With the talk of budget cuts, there is a possibility that thousands of teachers will be laid off. It is even possible that some districts might close some schools.

Why there is lack of teaching personnel?

Budget cuts.

What is the status of the English job search at Tennessee state university?

It's been cancelled due to budget cuts.

Is it Arnold's fault of the budget cuts?

I think so as Arnold make taxes cuts

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