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There are approximately 68,000 US Troops stationed in Germany.

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How many us troops are stationed in japan?

There are currently about 48,000 US troops in Japan

When have US troops been stationed in Germany?

Since the end of the Second World War to the present day.

How many US troops were stationed in Vietnam by the end of 1965?


How many US troops were stationed in Vietnam by end of 1965?


How many British troops are stationed in the US?

there are no British Soldiers stationed in the US because that is an act of war and the US is obviously not fighting Great Britain.

How many years have the US troops been stationed in Korea?

US troops have had a continuous presence in Korea since 1950.

How many us troops stationed in South Korea?

28,500 US - R.O.K. agreed troup level.

How many US troops are stationed in Afghanistan?

There is currently 90,000 deployed American troops in Afghanistan.56,789 and 678 are now died

How many us military bases are in Germany?

IM stationed in bamberg Germany and off the top of my head there are 23 us bases

Did Germany had nuclear weapons in the past?

No, but the US has stationed them there.

How many US troops are in Israel?

The only permanently stationed troops are at the US Embassy. There are some units (typically special operations) who rotate through and cross train with Israeli forces.

How many US troops are in Iraq?

Currently in the country of Iraq there is about 200,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq. There was about 1 Million until recently when a large number of troops were pulled from Iraq.

What was the total number of US troops stationed on Kodiak or islands of the Kodiak Archipelago during World War 2?

according to the veterans of the US troops during world war 2, there were possibly 500 US troops are being send or being stationed in the island of Kodiak Archipelago <3

How did the US help West Germany?

If the term of "free Germany" means how did the democratic government of West Germany was helped by the US the answer is that the US provided Marshall Plan aid and military protection for the new free German state. US troops stationed in West Germany provided a source of consumers and a group that spent their pay which helped the West German economy. Since there was no chance of a new strong German army then the US and its allies helped by having their troops guard Germany.

How many US troops are currently stationed in Iraq?

Total US troops in Iraq are 49700 (24 August2010). The troop deployment details up to 2009 is given -

How many US troops are currently stationed in Iraq as of 2012?

0. America withdrew its entire force from Iraq by December 16, 2011.

You are in the Army stationed in Germany going to purchase a BMW or should you get it in the US?

If you can afford the car now, definitely get it in Germany. If you do not, for the rest of your life you will think to yourself, "I wish I would have bought that car when I was stationed in Germany."

How many troops fought at Normandy including US French and German soldiers?

us had 160,000 germany had 100,000 us 160,000 soldiers germany 100,000 soldiers

What did the US do to affect the outcome of the civil war in china?

the U.S had 500 troops already stationed in japan

What did the US do to affect the outcome of civil war in China?

the U.S had 500 troops already stationed in japan

How did the Mexican Army respond to the US troops stationed between the Nueces and Del Norte?

cross country

What was the initial response of the US to the outbreak of war in Korea?

The US sent troops into Korea from Japanese military bases where US troops were stationed to help South Korea resist the North Korean invasion . The intervention of Chinese troops widened the war .

What country does the us currently have troops stationed?

The US has military bases in roughly 100 countries, so the list is actually quite long. The US has a significant military presence in the following countries:AfghanistanIraqSouth KoreaJapanGermanyTurkey

Has Sarah palin ever been out of the US?

Yes. She visited her Alaska National Guard troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. Plus she visited wounded Guard troops in Germany. I am pretty sure she has been to Canada:) See Titi quiz 100

How many troops does the us military have?

How many troops in the us militry