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The Dodgers record in the World Series while playing in Brooklyn was 1-8. Their victory came in 1955 and their losses came in 1916, 1920, 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, and 1956.


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While the Dodgers played in Brooklyn they won 1 World Series, that being the 1955 WS over the New York Yankees.Since the team moved to Los Angeles, they have won 5 more (1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, 1988).

Prior to playing at Ebbets Field, the Brooklyn Dodgers played at Washington Field in Brooklyn, New York.The Dodgers played at Ebbets Field from 1913-1957. While playing at Washington Field the team had several unofficial names, such as the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers and the Brooklyn Superbas.

As a player, Dusty Baker went to the World Series in 1977, 1978 and 1981 while a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. All three series were against the New York Yankees and all went to six games The Dodgers lost in '77 and '78 but they won it all in '81 . IN 2002, Baker managed the San Fransisco Giants to the World Series against the Anaheim Angels, losing that series in seven games.

Jackie Robinson made $5,000 as a rookie in 1947 and had a top salary of $42,500 during his playing days with the Dodgers.

The world cup, it is attended by people from around the world. While the world series is an American thing.

During their time in Atlanta, the Braves have won the World Series in 1995. The Braves won 1 World Series while in Milwaukee (1957), and 1 while in Boston (1914).

Pitcher Mark Buehrle won the 2005 World Series while on the White Sox Pitcher Randy Choate won the 2000 World Series while on the Yankees Infielder Greg Dobbs won the 2008 World Series while on the Phillies Manager Ozzie Guillen won the 2003 World Series as a coach on the Marlins and the 2005 World Series as the Manager of the White Sox Coach Joey Cora won the 2005 World Series as a coach on the White Sox

They first earned the nickname "Trolley Dodgers," later shortened to Dodgers, while at Eastern Park during the 1890s because of the difficulty fans (and players) had in reaching the ballpark due to the number of trolley lines in the area. The name "Trolley Dodgers" is recorded separately in two newspapers on September 3, 1895. The club also engaged in a series of mergers during this period, acquiring the New York Metropolitans in 1888 for territorial protection and star contracts, merging with the Brooklyn Wonders in 1891 as part of the Players League settlement, and merging with the Baltimore Orioles (NL) in 1900 as part of the National League's consolidation of clubs.

The 1953 Yankees lost nine consecutive games from June 21 through July 1 and beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series. Other Series winners with seven game losing streaks were the 1914 Braves, 1933 Giants, 1983 Orioles, 1990 Reds, 1991 Twins, and 2000 Yankees. The 1951 Giants lost 11 consecutive games while winning a pennant, but losing the World Series to the Yankees.

Since the A's moved to Oakland in 1968, they have been to the World Series 6 times: 1) 1972 - defeated the Cincinnati Reds 2) 1973 - defeated the New York Mets 3) 1974 - defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4) 1988 - lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 5) 1989 - defeated the San Francisco Giants 6) 1990 - lost to the Cincinnati Reds The franchise went to the World Series 8 times while located in Philadelphia, winning 5 of the 8.

Pitcher Jack Quinn of the 1930 Philadelphia Athletics. Quinn was 47 years, 99 days old when the Athletics won Game 6 over the St. Louis Cardinals to win the 1930 World Series (born July 1, 1883 and won the Series on October 8, 1930). He pitched 2 innings in the Series and gave up 1 run on 3 hits. Quinn pitched regularly in MLB until the age of 50 and led the National League in saves while pitching for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1931 and 1932 at the ages of 48 and 49.

Through the 2009 World Series, Phil Rizzuto of the 1953 New York Yankees and Pee Wee Reese of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers were 37 years old when their teams won the WS. Reese was about 2 months older, having been born July 23, 1918 while Rizzuto was born September 25, 1916.

While pitching in the Negro Leagues, Satchell Paige recorded 1win, and 1 save in the 1942 World Series. He won 1 game in the 1946 Negro League World Series. He only pitched one inning in the Major League World Series while with the Cleveland Indians.

In the history of the franchise, 17 ... 11 times while in Brooklyn and 6 times while in Los Angeles. Prior to the June 8, 2012 combined no hitter thrown by the Seattle Mariners over the Dodgers, the last time they were no hit was April 8, 1994 by Kent Mercker of the Atlanta Braves.

The San Francisco Giants. The rivalry between the two franchises dates back to 1890, when the Giants were in New York and the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. Through the 2016 season, the Giants have won 1,232 games, while the Dodgers have been victorious in 1,199 contests. There have been 18 ties. Since the 2002 season, the Giants have won 144 games and the Dodgers have won 135.

While in Oakland the Athletics have been to the World Series 6 times. They won the World Series in 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1989. They lost in 1988 and 1990.

Where the MLB team the LA Dodgers stay while in Detroit is not listed.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are No. 1 enemies of the San Francisco Giants. Their rivalry dates back to 1890, when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn and the Giants were in New York City. Through the 2016 season, the Giants have won 1,232 games, while the Dodgers have been victorious in 1,199 contests. There have been 18 ties. Since the 2002 season, the Giants have won 144 games; the Dodgers have won 135.

It's been a while, but the Cleveland Indians won the Series in 1948 and 1920.

As of the 2010 World Series, American League teams have claimed 62 world championships, while National League clubs have won 43.

5-50K depending on who it was issued to. Some are owned by "employees" while others were owned by actual players. Those owned by players can go much higher than the 50K marker depending on how well they did of course.

Brooklyn is a unisex given name of English origin. Fashion model Brooklyn Decker is a female, while the son of David Beckham, Brooklyn, is a male.

Yes the Phillies are a home grown team, while the Yankees bought themseleves a ticket to the World Series! Go Phillies! Yankees SUCK!!!!!!!

Nope. Banks played his entire career with the Chicago Cubs, who never won a World Series while Banks was playing.

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