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Originally the Brooks, the Atlantics and the Bridgegooms in minor league competition, they became a Major League Baseball team and joined the National League in 1890. They were known as the Superbas and later the Robins before they officially became the Dodgers. The Dodgers are famous for having Jackie Robinson (the one who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier) on their team in 1947. They had moved to Los Angeles becoming the Los Angeles Dodgers for the 1958 season. This category is for questions about the players, the coaches, the records and anything else to do with the team.

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Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History
Jackie Robinson

How did Jackie Robinson die?

Jackie Robinson, who made history in 1947 by becoming the first black baseball player in the major leagues, suffered a heart attack in his home in Stamford, Conn., yesterday morning and died at Stamford Hospital at 7:10 A.M. He was 53 years old.Oct 25, 1972

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History
World Series

How many World Series have the Dodgers won?

The Dodgers have won 6 World Series:

1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History

Where did the Brooklyn Dodgers play their games?

Ebbets Field.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Major League Baseball (MLB)
Colleges and Universities

Where did clayton kershaw go to college?

Clayton was drafted by the Dodgers as a high schooler. He turned down a scholarship from Texas A&M to go to the major leagues.

Los Angeles Dodgers
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Los Angeles
Brooklyn NYC

What year did the Dodgers move to Los Angeles?

The Dodgers first season in Los Angeles was 1958.

Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Mets
Baseball History

When did Duke Snider hit his 400th home run?

Duke Snider hit his 400th career home run on June 14, 1963 as the Mets ripped the Reds 10-3 in Cincinnati.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History
World Series

Did Sandy Koufax ever win a World Series?

Yes. Sandy Koufax is a four time World Series champion, winning in 1955, 1959, 1963 and 1965.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles

How do you email the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Try this site.....

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Los Angeles Dodgers

How many seats are there in Dodger Stadium?

The L.A. Times reported on August 23, 2005 that Dodger Stadium has 56,000 seats.

New York
Los Angeles Dodgers
New York City
Brooklyn NYC

What year did Brooklyn Dodgers leave New York City?

The Dodgers final season in Brooklyn was 1957.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History
World Series

How many World Series have the Dodgers been in?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been in 19 Word Series and have won 7 of them .

Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles
Charlie Sheen

Did Charlie Sheen play for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

No, Charlie Sheen did not play professional baseball. He played a pitcher in two movies about the Cleveland Indians.

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Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers

How do you contact Anaheim Angels players?

The players must udoubtbly enjoy knowing we are most supportive of their success. it would be great to belong to their fan club.BUT they have a right to privacy.ANd with so many unstables in this old world; how are they to know whom to trust .Send your notes to the (office manager?/or to him in care of the team. . what I'd like to know-(I am doing genealogy on the WASHBURN(my husband's AUnt ROse E.THOMPSON mar:a (Elmer Washburn --born in 1870 in Evansville ,Wi. they had a son Steven/-or?-Bterune?)biorn 1899 in MN.(1900 census of Itasca county,MN.) I am grasping at any straw I can think of. could You please pass this along also?? thanks a million. ANd I too agree you are all great,

You can also write to them directly, in care of the team address. There is no guarentee that you will receive a response, however, it is worth a shot. Address your envelopes to:

[Player Name]

c/o Los Angeles Angels

2000 Gene Autry Way

Anaheim, CA 92806

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History

What happened to baseball player Bubba Crosby?

Bubba Crosby signed a one year contract for the 2007 season with the Cincinnati Reds. After the season, the Reds granted him free agency. As of this time, Crosby has not signed with another team to play in the 2008 season.

Bubba Crosby never got to play on the Cincinnati Reds. He was competing for a job as a reserve outfielder, but started the season in Triple-A Louisville. He was placed on the disabled list after 13 minor league games. On July 20th he had season ending shoulder surgery. In 2008, Bubba signed a minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners, but was released on March 7th for failing a physical. He is since retired from baseball.

Los Angeles Dodgers

How tall is Don Mattingly?

Don Mattingly is 6' 0" tall.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball Memorabilia
Brooklyn NYC

What is the value of a baseball signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers?

There are many factors in determining the value of a Brooklyn Dodgers Team signed baseball. Condition, and having the signatures authenticated are important. But before putting a value on the baseball you have to figure out what year the Brooklyn Dodger team is from. The Brooklyn Robins (1914-1931) became the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1932, and then moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Below (Related Links) is a price guide with links to full team rosters to help you figure out what year the baseball is from. Searching for the players that played the least amount of time for the team will help you figure it out quicker. This price guide is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History

Of all the players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame more than twenty have played managed or coached for the Athletics who are they?

Jim Hunter, Jimmy Foxx, Lefty Grove, Reggie Jackson, Connie Mack, Dennis Eckersly, Rollie Fingers, Jack McKeon, Dick Williams, Billy Martin, Matty Alou, Felipe Alou, Richie Allen, Dave Parker, Sal Bando,

A number of the players on the above list are not Hall of Famers. If we go to the original Athletics, there is Mickey Cochrane, Al Simmons, Eddie Collins, Zach Wheat, even ty Cobb was there for a year or two.

Tris Speaker's final season (1928) was with the Philadelphia Athletics.

St. Louis Cardinals
Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History

What region would the Dodgers fans be in?

The West Coast.

Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees
Baseball History

Is the Jason Grabowski that was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers a relative of John Grabowski who was a catcher for the 1927 New York Yankees?

I've seen no mention of John Grabowski in any article about Jason Grabowski so my guess would be no.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

How many people fit in dodger stadium?


Los Angeles Dodgers

Why are the dodgers triple A team called the 51's?

They take their name from Area 51, a military base in the desert of southern Nevada.

Los Angeles Dodgers

What is the Dodgers record for the most career Stolen Bases?

Here's the all-time list as of the start of the 2008 season:




1 Maury Wills 490

2 Davey Lopes 418

3 Willie Davis 335

4 Tom Daly 298

5 Steve Sax 290

6 George Pinckney 280

7 Darby O'Brien 272

8 Mike Griffin 264

9 Dave Foutz 241

10 Pee Wee Reese 232

11 Jimmy Sheckard 212

T12 Jim Gilliam 203

T12 Zack Wheat 203

14 Jackie Robinson 197

15 Hub Collins 195

16 Jake Daubert 187

17 Brett Butler 179

18 Oyster Burns 172

19 Bill Russell 167

20 George Cutshaw 166

21 Jimmy Johnston 164

22 Fielder Jones 153

23 Monte Ward 145

24 Raul Mondesi 140

25 Bill Dahlen 137

26 Germany Smith 135

27 Willie Keeler 130

28 Bill McClellan 126

29 John Anderson 124

30 Candy LaChance 123

T31 Ken Landreaux 119

T31 Tommy Corcoran 119

33 Dave Roberts 118

T34 Delino DeShields 114

T34 John Hummel 114

36 Eric Young 112

37 Harry Lumley 110

38 Hi Myers 101

39 Mariano Duncan 100

40 Duke Snider 99

41 Adonis Terry 95

42 Bill Buckner 93

43 Ivy Olson 88

T44 Billy Shindle 86

T44 Pedro Guerrero 86

46 Jim McTamany 84

47 Pete Reiser 78

T48 Casey Stengel 77

T48 Steve Garvey 77

T48 Billy Maloney 77

51 Joe Kelley 75

52 Al Burch 74

53 Dusty Baker 73

T54 Kirk Gibson 69

T54 Babe Herman 69

56 Bob Clark 68

57 Ed Swartwood 66

T58 Tommy Davis 65

T58 Doc Casey 65

60 Juan Pierre 64

T61 Gil Hodges 63

T61 Juan Samuel 63

T61 Shawn Green 63

T64 Sammy Strang 62

T64 Rafael Furcal 62

T64 Adrian Beltre 62

T67 Jose Offerman 61

T67 Harvey Hendrick 61

T69 Red Smith 60

T69 Wes Parker 60

71 John Roseboro 59

72 Eric Karros 57

73 Cookie Lavagetto 56

T74 Phil Lewis 55

T74 Lew Ritter 55

76 Lenny Harris 53

T77 Eric Davis 52

T77 Jimmy Peoples 52

T79 Doc Gessler 51

T79 Cesar Izturis 51

T81 Hughie Jennings 50

T81 Max Carey 50

T83 Herbie Moran 49

T83 Bob Caruthers 49

T83 George Shoch 49

T83 Con Daily 49

T83 John Dobbs 49

T88 Todd Hollandsworth 48

T88 Carl Furillo 48

T88 Tim Jordan 48

T91 Tom Goodwin 47

T91 Frenchy Bordagaray 47

T93 Ollie O'Mara 46

T93 Dave Anderson 46

T95 Charlie Neal 45

T95 Willie Crawford 45

T95 Bill Davidson 45

T98 Charlie Babb 44

T98 Dixie Walker 44

T98 Danny Taylor 44

T101 Gary Sheffield 43

T101 Derrel Thomas 43

T101 John Shelby 43

T101 Rudy Law 43

T105 Jake Flowers 41

T105 Bob Coulson 41

T105 Wally Moon 41

T108 Otto Miller 40

T108 Dan Brouthers 40

T110 Gene Hermanski 37

T110 Emil Batch 37

T110 Gus Getz 37

113 George Treadway 36

114 Jack Doyle 35

115 Tom McCreery 34

T116 Ed Greer 33

T116 Mark Grudzielanek 33

T116 Augie Galan 33

T116 Bernie Neis 33

T116 Paul Radford 33

T121 Reggie Smith 32

T121 Kenny Lofton 32

T121 Arky Vaughan 32

T124 Cozy Dolan 31

T124 Pop Corkhill 31

T124 Dolph Camilli 31

T124 Ernie Burch 31

T124 Russ Martin 31

T124 Franklin Stubbs 31

T124 Billy Cox 31

T131 Luis Olmo 30

T131 Tommy Griffith 30

T131 Bert Tooley 30

T134 Mike Scioscia 29

T134 Bill Phillips 29

T136 Lonny Frey 28

T136 Alfredo Griffin 28

T138 Ernie Koy 27

T138 Chad Fonville 27

T138 Whitey Alperman 27

T138 Bill North 27

T138 Lou Johnson 27

T143 Manny Mota 26

T143 Mike Marshall 26

T143 Lee Lacy 26

T143 Joe Stripp 26

T147 Jimmy Wynn 25

T147 Jose Gonzalez 25

T147 Roy Campanella 25

T147 Eddie Murray 25

T147 Don Zimmer 25

T152 Jack Dalton 24

T152 Harry Pattee 24

T152 Billy Grabarkewitz 24

T155 Roger Cedeno 23

T155 Tom Fisher 23

T155 Stan Javier 23

T155 Johnny Frederick 23

T155 Bill Joyce 23

T155 Mike Mowrey 23

T161 Harry Stovey 22

T161 Duke Farrell 22

T161 Devon White 22

T161 Jack Fournier 22

T161 Jim Hickman 22

T161 Tommy McCarthy 22

T161 Tim Flood 22

T161 Buzz Boyle 22

T161 Mike McCormick 22

T170 Milton Bradley 21

T170 Al Lopez 21

T170 Buddy Hassett 21

T170 Gene DeMontreville 21

T170 Aleck Smith 21

T175 John Grim 20

T175 Tommy McMillan 20

T175 Ed Konetchy 20

T175 Mike Sharperson 20

T175 Lave Cross 20

T175 Eddie Stanky 20

T175 Ron Cey 20

T182 Wally Gilbert 19

T182 Greg Brock 19

T182 Mickey Owen 19

T185 R.J. Reynolds 18

T185 Ed Lennox 18

T185 Sandy Amoros 18

T185 Alex Cora 18

T185 Lefty O'Doul 18

T190 Glenn Burke 17

T190 Del Bissonette 17

T190 Nate Oliver 17

T190 Bill Bergen 17

T190 Charlie Irwin 17

T190 Don Hoak 17

T196 Enos Cabell 16

T196 Mitch Webster 16

T196 Dan McGann 16

T196 Dutch Jordan 16

T196 Matt Kemp 16

T196 Ron Fairly 16

T196 Pete Coscarart 16

T203 Gus Felix 15

T203 Jim Bucher 15

T203 Johnny Butler 15

T203 Jayson Werth 15

T203 Eddie Miksis 15

T203 Jason Repko 15

T203 Tom Kinslow 15

T203 Roberto Kelly 15

T211 Johnny Hudson 14

T211 Steve Yeager 14

T211 Darryl Strawberry 14

T211 Dave Bancroft 14

T211 Von Joshua 14

T216 Jack McCarthy 13

T216 Doc Bushong 13

T216 Kal Daniels 13

T216 Joe Visner 13

T216 Pete Kilduff 13

T216 Charlie Malay 13

T216 Billy Herman 13

T216 Pop Dillon 13

T216 Howie Schultz 13

T216 Hank DeBerry 13

T216 Jigger Statz 13

T216 Trenidad Hubbard 13

T216 Brickyard Kennedy 13

T216 Mike Davis 13

T230 Marquis Grissom 12

T230 Tony Cuccinello 12

T230 Otis Nixon 12

T230 Joe Ferguson 12

T230 William Marriott 12

T230 Pryor McElveen 12

T230 Tom Lovett 12

T230 Lew McCarty 12

T230 Ted Sizemore 12

T230 Antonio Perez 12

T230 Hub Northen 12

T241 Jose Vizcaino 11

T241 Frank O'Rourke 11

T241 Fred Jacklitsch 11

T241 Reggie Williams 11

T241 Ernie Krueger 11

T241 Wilton Guerrero 11

T241 Dave Orr 11

T241 Burleigh Grimes 11

T241 Milt Stock 11

T241 Jay Partridge 11

T241 Ray Schmandt 11

T241 Wally Clement 11

T253 Mike Piazza 10

T253 Goody Rosen 10

T253 Gene Bailey 10

T253 Deacon McGuire 10

T253 Rube Bressler 10

T253 Dick Cox 10

T253 Sam Leslie 10

T253 Gibby Brack 10

T253 Bill Madlock 10

T253 Bobby Valentine 10

T253 Enos Kirkpatrick 10

T253 Andy High 10

T253 Tex Erwin 10

T253 Tony Smith 10

T253 Dolly Stark 10

T253 Judge McCredie 10

T269 Ted Martinez 9

T269 Tom Paciorek 9

T269 Dan Daub 9

T269 Hack Wilson 9

T269 Jim Canavan 9

T269 Jul Kustus 9

T269 Todd Zeile 9

T269 Tommy Sheehan 9

T269 Dick Whitman 9

T269 Chick Fewster 9

T269 Henry Porter 9

T269 Johnny Cooney 9

T269 Marv Rackley 9

T269 Jack Burdock 9

T269 Eddie Zimmerman 9

T269 Ron Roenicke 9

T269 Bill Hallman 9

T269 Gil Hatfield 9

T287 Jack O'Brien 8

T287 Benny Meyer 8

T287 Jimmy Jordan 8

T287 Jeff Kent 8

T287 Mickey Doolan 8

T287 Bruce Edwards 8

T287 Jim Lefebvre 8

T287 Dick Egan 8

T287 Jack Dunn 8

T287 Bill Sudakis 8

T287 Dick Allen 8

T287 Glenn Wright 8

T287 Bill Hart 8

T287 Bob Hall 8

T287 Paul Lo Duca 8

T287 Billy Otterson 8

T287 Wild Bill Donovan 8

T287 Len Koenecke 8

T287 Willie Randolph 8

T287 Rick Monday 8

T307 Joe Medwick 7

T307 John Hale 7

T307 George Magoon 7

T307 Danny Richardson 7

T307 Rabbit Maranville 7

T307 Dick Tracewski 7

T307 Gino Cimoli 7

T307 Don Demeter 7

T307 Rick Auerbach 7

T307 Neal Finn 7

T307 Babe Phelps 7

T307 Steve Toole 7

T307 Heinie Manush 7

T320 Orel Hershiser 6

T320 Frank Gatins 6

T320 Chief Meyers 6

T320 Joe Pignatano 6

T320 Greg Gagne 6

T320 Zoilo Versalles 6

T320 Bob Bailey 6

T320 Julio Lugo 6

T320 Luis Gonzalez 6

T320 Leo Durocher 6

T320 Woody English 6

T320 Jimmy Wasdell 6

T320 Eddie Brown 6

T320 Jolbert Cabrera 6

T320 John Harkins 6

T320 Nomar Garciaparra 6

T320 Harry Riconda 6

T320 Bert Griffith 6

T320 Kiki Cuyler 6

T339 Cory Snyder 5

T339 Derrell Griffith 5

T339 Jack Ryan 5

T339 Lee Magee 5

T339 George Watkins 5

T339 Len Gabrielson 5

T339 Hughie Hearne 5

T339 Andre Ethier 5

T339 Jose Cruz Jr. 5

T339 Merwin Jacobson 5

T339 Gordon Slade 5

T339 Hiram Bocachica 5

T339 Val Picinich 5

T339 Spider Jorgensen 5

T339 Andy Pafko 5

T339 Phil Garner 5

T339 Ed Stein 5

T339 Johnny Mitchell 5

T339 Fresco Thompson 5

T339 George Shuba 5

T359 Rafael Landestoy 4

T359 Joe McGinnity 4

T359 Clarence Mitchell 4

T359 Gary Thomasson 4

T359 Pat Hannifin 4

T359 Tom Haller 4

T359 Ed Silch 4

T359 Mickey Hatcher 4

T359 Bones Ely 4

T359 Doc Scanlan 4

T359 Bill Hart 4

T359 Wally Hood 4

T359 Lefty Davis 4

T359 Mack Wheat 4

T359 Jack Perconte 4

T359 Larry Burright 4

T359 Oscar Jones 4

T359 Joe Strauss 4

T359 John O'Brien 4

T359 Jack Warner 4

T359 Ben Geraghty 4

T359 Cal Abrams 4

T359 Red Downey 4

T359 Tommy Brown 4

T359 George Haddock 4

T359 Eddie Wilson 4

T359 Jim Eisenreich 4

T359 Bobby Morgan 4

T359 Gene Moore 4

T359 Don Thompson 4

T359 Happy Smith 4

T359 Zack Taylor 4

T359 Bob Bailor 4

T359 Wayne Kirby 4

T359 Charlie Hargreaves 4

T359 Jeromy Burnitz 4

T359 Eddie Moore 4

T359 Willy Aybar 4

T359 Vic Davalillo 4

T359 Garey Ingram 4

T359 Billy Earle 4

T359 Jud Daley 4

Los Angeles Dodgers
Jackie Robinson
Brooklyn NYC

Who was Jackie Robinson's best friend on the Brooklyn Dodgers?

Shortstop Pee Wee Reese.

Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Dodgers
World Series

How many World Series have there been?

The 98th was 2003 the Florida Marlins vs the New York Yankees

The 1st was 1903 Boston vs. Pittsburgh (the teams that would later be named the Red Sox and the Pirates)

And Boston should be proud of that. ^_^ There was no World Series in 1994, and 1904

That's not entirely true, it was the 100th aniversery of the world series, however, in 1904, the Boston red sox won the AL and challenged the ny giants to what would have been the second world series, the giants however, declined the challenge and no world series was played

Yeah. The Red Sox won the 100th this year.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball History

Did Hideo Nomo pitch a no hitter?

Yes. In fact, he pitched two, one in each league.

17 September 1996, with the Dodgers, against the Rockies (in Coors Field, no less).

4 April 2001, with the Red Sox, against the Orioles.

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