How many World War 1 veterans are still alive?

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There are actually no more World War 1 veterans left in the world.
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How many World War I Veterans are still alive?

In 2010, only a handful of WW1 veterans were still alive. By early2012, they were all deceased. In early 2012, the last person serving in any armed service duringWW1 passed away. The last combat veteran of WW1 died in 2011. Florence Green (nee Patterson), who joined the Women's RAF at age17 in 191 ( Full Answer )

How many American World War 1 veterans are still alive?

There is one American Veteran of World War I still living as of February 4th 2008 following the death of 108 year old Harry Landis who was born on December 31st 1899. The last one is Frank Woodruff Buckles who is at the age of 108 who was born on February 1st, 1901.

How many widows of American World War 1 veterans are still alive?

According to the Veterans Administration, 2,212 World War I veterans were alive on September 30, 2001. By 2008, only 110 are expected to be still living. It is estimated that the last veteran of the "Great War" will have passed away by 2018, one hundred years from the time the war ended. As of Novem ( Full Answer )

How many American World War 2 veterans are still alive?

Answer . Approximately 3 million. However, they are passing away at a rate of 1,100 per day!. Answer . There are approximately 4 million US veterans of WW 2 still living. The number is approximate, because 1,100 of them pass away each day! Thank god the long overdue Memorial to them will ( Full Answer )

Is World War 1 veteran William Roche still living?

Answer . Not the one I located.. August 23, 1914 . Killed in action with 2nd Bn Royal Irish Regt on the Western Front . 4969 Sgt Denis Walsh from Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. . 6820 L/Cpl William Roche, from Waterford City. . 7622 Pte John Connolly, from Waterford City. . 4834 Pte Patrick Ryan ( Full Answer )

How many World War 2 veterans are alive today?

As of September 30th, 2011, there are roughly 2,889,000 WWII veterans alive in the USA according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Worldwide, there are about 5,250,000 still around as of late 2011. The global numbers of surviving WWII veterans tend to vary, since it is difficult to tabulate ( Full Answer )

How many Canadian World War 2 veterans are still alive?

Answer i belive there should be at least 3 still alive in canada..last yr there were 5 and i remember hearing about ones death in the past yr Actually, I think that you're talking about WW1 vets here... I think that there are over 150,000 WW2 vets still with us. According to a recent article ( Full Answer )

How many veterans of World War 2 are still living?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n3.2 million veterans of the Korean War are still alive in the U.S.\n. \nIn Canada 200,000 veterans are alive today, more than three hundred pass on each week.

How many World War 2 veterans are still alive in the US?

Number of WW2 Vets alive in the US . According to the 2000 US census there were 5,739,000 World War 2 veterans still living in the US. A separate census taken by the Veterans Admin. named VetPop2001, totalled the WW2 vets as 5,603,000.. The lowest age for a veteran from World War 2 would be abou ( Full Answer )

How many Vietnam War Veterans are still alive?

Of course, many, many of them. In fact, the last World War I soldier only died a few months ago. Although about 50,000 soldiers died in the war, the others came home. Many of the younger ones were born after 1950, making them part of the baby boomer generation, which is still going strong.

Are there any World War 1 vets still alive?

There are 3 World War I Veterans living today as of 10 June 2010. Also there is one unverified World War I veteran. Verified . Claude Choules- born 3 March 1901 in United Kingdom. He is 108 years old. Lives in Australia. . Frank Buckles- born 1 February 1901 in United States. He is 108 years ( Full Answer )

Are any US World War 1 veterans still living?

Answer . There are six confirmed vets left that saw active duty.Frank Buckles is the only American, H. Landis is Canadian,but lives in the U.S.. I have heard there is only 3 world war veterans living but do not know who they are. Louis Brown. There are only two left now. The third just passed a ( Full Answer )

How many Civil War veterans are still alive?

None Still Alive . There are no Civil War veterans still alive. The last documented veteran, Albert Woolson of Minnesota, was a Union drummer boy, died in 1956.

How many World War 2 veterans were still alive in 2006?

Living World War 2 Veterans in 2006 . About 3 1/2 million of the 16 million US Veterans of WW 2 are still with us. We lose on average about 1,100 a day. Call a local post of the VFW or American Legion. They can probaby direct you further.. Here's more from WikiAnswers contributors:. There aren' ( Full Answer )

Are any World war 1 veterans alive today?

Answer . There will be a few but a very few the youngest would be 108 so maybe only one or two but i saw one on the tv a few days back so yeah theres 1 or 2 left

How many Gulf War veterans are still alive?

Gulf War veterans that are still alive today is right at ninehundred and thirty-four thousand. This includes both men and womenthat served in the military during this war.

Are there any veterans from World War I alive?

Living World War 1 Veterans Australia - 3, France - 3, Germany - 2, Italty - 4, Poland - 1, Turkey - 1, USA - 4, UK - 3 (the last 3 in the UK died in the 2008-2009 year).

How many Iraqi war veterans are alive?

The first Gulf War (Iraq War-Operation Desert Storm) was fought in1990-1991. In this war a total of 700,000 US troops took part.Although there is no data available to show the present strength ofsurviving veterans of Gulf war, but considering life expectancy inUSA (78 years) it can be safely said th ( Full Answer )

How many veterans were still alive after the Vietnam war?

Of the 2.7 Million of Americans who served in Vietnam approximately 57,000 were killed. It is estimated that out of those survivors less than 900,000 are alive today. This is stark contrast to the US census figures and VFW magazine polls showing that 13,853,027 Americans claim to be Vietnam Veterans ( Full Answer )

How many Iraq war veterans are still alive?

The first gulf war was fought in 1990-1991. A total of 700,000 USsoldiers participated in 'Operation Desert Storm'. Considering thefact that only 294 US soldiers died during the conflict and theaverage life expectancy in USA is 78 years , it can be safely saidthat a majority of Iraq War veterans are ( Full Answer )

How many World War 2 veterans in Canada are alive today?

i dont no what it is My father served in World War 2 and he just passed away on July 24 2009 I was told he was number 66 of the remaining veterans of Canada According to a CTV news story on November 11, 2011, the number of Canadian world war 2 veterans still alive is around 125,000

Are there any World War 1 soldiers still alive?

There are survivors from WW1 and people who lived during that time that war still alive, but the average soldier now would be about 107 yrs old, so probably not, but you never know I've met people that are 115!

Is Leon A Gilbert World War 2 veteran still alive?

Leon A Gilbert is a veteran army in world war 2. they said that he is died now, but in reality he is still alive and kicking some ass. he is born in June 13, 1970. but the story about that man is not completed because of his unidentified classification.

How many American Korean War Veterans are there alive still today you have heard an estimate of 4 million but is that of American Veterans or all veterans?

Approximately 4 million (3.9 million) Korean War veterans. The problem with this particular data is that MOST of the veterans of the Korean War were also veterans of WW2. The reason was Korea occurred only 5 years after WW2. During those days a man's military obligation was six years (today it's 8 y ( Full Answer )

Why do we still remember and honor the veteran of World War 1?

I don't know: It has become a very emotive topic. I once said that if I went to the Battlefied of Waterloo (100 years before WW1) I would not be in the slightest bit concerned abut how many people had died there. WW1 is (by & large) no less historic now, so why are people so interested in the (Great ( Full Answer )

How many British veterans are living from World War 1?

The last living British World War I veteran, Florence Green, died on February 4th, 2012 at the age of 110. She was a member of the Women's Royal Air Force and the last living person to serve in WWI.

How many Canadian World War 1 veterans are still alive today?

Actually, there is at least one. My grandmother is still alive and my grandfather fought in World War One. He lied about his age and entered the military at the age of 15. He died long ago but my grandmother is still alive and living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

How many World War 2 veterans are alive in NZ?

I suggest you contact the World war 2 museum in New Zealand. The museum curator or another employee can probably give you the answer or find it for you. There are three well known New Zealand veterans of World War II. . Donald Haddon . Roger Drayton and . Harry Dudfield

Are there any World War 2 veterans still alive?

As of September 30th, 2011, there are roughly 2,889,000 WWII veterans alive in the USA according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Worldwide, there are about 5,250,000 still around as of late 2011.. Read more: ( Full Answer )

How many American veterans are left of World War 1?

None. Florence Green - a British national - is the only surviving veteran of WWI, at the age of 110. The last American veteran of World War I - Frank Woodruff Buckles - died February 27, 2011, also at the age of 110.

How many veterans are alive today from world war 1?

None, so far as is known. The "last" from any nation was FlorenceGreen, of the UK, who as a teenage girl signed up as an attendantin the officers' mess. She died February 4, 2012, aged 110. Thelast US veteran was Frank Buckles, who died February 11, 2011, aged110. He was an ambulance driver and a mo ( Full Answer )

How many US veterans were alive after world war 1?

Most of them. Mortality among US service personnel in WWI was onlyabout 2-3%. Over 4 million served, and just over 100,000 died. Mostof these men died in the last six months of the war, as US forcesbeame heavily involved after May, 1918. This figure does notinclude deaths from the worldwide "Spanish ( Full Answer )