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3250 ft * 50 ft = 162500 sq ft = 3.730 acres (to 3 dp)

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How many acres is 50ft by 660ft?

An acre has a total of 43,560 square feet. You divide the number of square feet by that and you get the number of acres. This gives you an answer of .757 acres.

How many meters are there in 3250 cm?

There are 32.5 meters in 3250 centimeters

How many meters are in 3250 millimeters?

There are: 3250 millimeters = 3.25 meters

How many miles in 3250 yards?

3250 yards=1.84659091 miles

How many miles in 3250 meters?

3250 meters = Two miles (2.01945637).

How many acres is Long Island NY?

Long Island's area is 896,640 acres.

How many miles are there in 3250 yards?

There are 1760 yards in one mile. Therefore, 3250 yards is equal to 3250/1760 = 1.846590 recurring (that is, 1.846590909090...) miles.

How many grams equals 4.9 ounces of sterling?

(510)-673-3250 ask for kyler (510)-673-3250 ask for kyler (510)-673-3250 ask for kyler (510)-673-3250 ask for kyler (510)-673-3250 ask for kyler (510)-673-3250 ask for kyler

How many square kilometers are in 3250 square meters?

3250 square meters = 0.00325 square kilometers

How many liters are in 3250 milliliters?

1 millilitres = 0.001 litres3250 millilitres = 3.25 litres

How many feet can a tiger be?

A tiger can be as long as you what it to be like once I saw a a 50ft tiger in a dream and then I died .The End

How many miles is 5200km?

It is about 3250 miles

How many acres is 631 feet wide by 525 feet long?

631' wide by 525' long is 7.6 acres.

How many acres is 210 feet by 210 feet long?

Answer: 44,100 ft² = 1.01239 acres

How many square feet is 80ft x 50ft?

80ft x 50ft = 80 x 50 = 4,000 (square feet).

How many miles in 110 acres?

1 acre is 660ft long, so 110 acres is 72600ft which is 13.7214 miles long

How many acres is 100 feet wide by 290 feet long?

Answer: 29,000 ft² = 0.665748 acres.

How many acres in 156 feet wide and 340 feet long?

Answer: 53,040 ft² = 1.21763 acres

How many acres is 1000 feet wide by 400 feet long?

Answer: 400,000 ft² = 9.18273 acres

How many acres is 90 feet wide by 150 feet long?

Answer: 13,500 ft² = 0.309917 acres.

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