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How many acres of farmland are there in Pennsylvania

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How many acres of farmland in Minnesota?

As of 2007, Minnesota comprised 26,917,962 acres of farmland.

How many acres of farmland are in North Dakota?

North Dakota has 39,390,000 acres of farmland, almost 90% of North Dakota's land area.

How many acres of farmland in the state of Illinois?


How many acres of farmland was lost by the dust bowl in 1934?

100,000,000 acres of land.

How many acres were devoted to farmland in early 1950's?


How many square miles of farmland in the US?

According to USDA, there were 922,095,840 acres of farmland in 2007. This converts to 1.44 million square miles.

How many acres of abandoned farmland are there in 2007 in the United States between 1996 and 2007?


What is a five letter word for farmland units?


How many acres of farmland in the world?

The total agricultural area irrigated in the world is 2.8 billion acres (1,143,792 kHa ). This data comes from FAO.

Which state has the most farmland?

With 130.4 million acres of farmland, Texas has more than double the total farmland of any other single state.

A farmer wants to plant 896 acres of farmland in alfalfa and wheat in the ratio 3 acres of alfalfa for every 4 acres of wheat how many acres should be planted in each crop?

384 alfalfa, 512 wheat

What is metric farmland unit?

It is an hectare = 10000 square metres or 2.47 acres.

The land of a farm is called?

Farmland, tillable acres, ground, acres are all terms that farmers use when talking about the land that they farm.

How much farm land in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has 33 million acres of farmland in the state. Over 77 percent of the entire state of Oklahoma is farmland.

How many farmland sections in an acre?

If, by "farmland sections", you are referring to the Public Land Survey System as used by most states in the US, then there are 640 acres in one section, since one section is one square mile.

How many acers did george washngton own?

George Washington purchased about 1500 acres. The acreage was in wild timberland which was cut down in order to cultivate into farmland and a house place. In all colonies he owned about 50,000 acres.

How much land in India is used for farming?

India has over 210 million acres of farmland. ~ Hexedgirl92

What is another word meaning areas of farmland?

acres, maybe? sorry, cant help you with your homework, kid

Did the draining of swampland in the Nile Delta provided room for many more pyramids to be built?

No, draining of swampland in the Nile Delta provided thousands of acres of new farmland.

When did Suzanna Dickinson enter Texas and why?

In 1834 she moved to Texas, because her husband, Alamaron Dickinson, heard about the acres and acres of land and about the rich soil. he also heard about the farmland for crops.

How many acres in Australia?

* how many acres is Australia? 1,882,431,500 acres

How is farm land measured in city blocks?

The trouble is, it's not. Farmland is measured in acres or hectares, not in blocks as in city blocks.

Is Maryland a farmland of a grassland?

Maryland is a farmland but there aren't too many left.

How are Tennessee and Mississippi alike?

Both Tennessee and Mississippi are in the U.S. South Region. Tennessee and Mississippi border each other. Agriculture is the primary industry in both Tennessee and Mississippi. Mississippi has 11.2 million acres of farmland. Tennessee has 10.9 acres of farmland. The Mississippi River forms the western border of both Tennessee and Mississippi.

How many acres is in .97 acres?

.97 acres.

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