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How many actual signers were there on the Constitution?


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Thirty nine of the fifty five delegates actually signed the Constitution.


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Thirteen signers of the Constitution were members of the Masonic Lodge.

There were 39 signers of the U.S. constitution.

Pennsylvania had the most signers to the Constitution.

13 out the 39 (or 33%) signers of The Constitution were Freemason's.

Thirty nine delegates and the attesting secretary.

Yes! Nine signers of the Constitution were Masons. Evidence of membership or affiliation for thirteen other signers does exist. Six additional signers later became Masons making 28 of 40 signers of the Constitution Freemasons!

Jefferson was a Diest, and the majority of the signers were Protestant-Mansons

13, 1/3 of the total signers.

There were 3 signers of the U.S. Constitution from Virginia. George Washington, James Madison and John Blair.

2 of the signers of the US Constitution became president. They are James Madison and George Washington. George Washington was the first President of the US and James Madison was the 4th President.

The signers of the Constitution were all English, e.g. originally from Britain. These people helped the United States of America to form into the nation it is today.

3 black people were apart of the Constitution

That would be the $2 bill. The signers are shown on the back side.

William King....... William Kendall

Pennsylvania had the most signers to the Constitution.

The original 13 colonies had Representatives to sign the Constitution, but only 12 of those colonies had representatives. So the answer is 12 states had people who signed the Constitution.

Rufus King He was one of the signers of The Constitution from Massachusetts.

Alexander Hamilton was one of the 40 original signers of the U.S. Constitution.

if you mean to the U.S Constitution: Pennsylvania...

He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Pennsylvania had the most signers to the Constitiution.

The signers of the US constitution, in 1787.

Well The compromise of the constitution was not fair because the other signers of the constitution said that a states number of congress members should be based on the states population and the other signers wanted all the states number of congress to be the same

Six. From Pennsylvania, Robert Morris, Ben Franklin, George Clymer and James Wilson; from Delaware, George Read; and from Connecticut, Roger Sherman.

The streets in the central part of Madison are named after the signers of the constitution.

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