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None because a rectangle has 4 interior right angles


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In an acute triangle, all three angles are acute.

There can be 1 or 2 acute angles.

there are three acute angles in an acute triangle, because there are three corners.

A hexagon has NO acute angles all the angles are obtuse on a hexagon.

The letter "N" as two acute angles.

There are three acute angles in an acute triangle and they add up to 180 degrees.

It has twelve angles but all of them need not be acute.

There are no acute angles in a rectangle which has 4 equal interior right angles

None: a circle has no angles, and certainly no acute ones.

A kite can have 1, 2 or 3 acute angles.

There can be 10 obtuse angles. If there are no reflex angles there can by up to three acute angles (I think).

A rhombus will either have four right angles, or two acute angles and two obtuse angles.

In a right triangle there is only one acute angles.

Im assuming your question is How many acute angles does the isosceles triangle has. It should have 2

There are infinitely many angles which are acute.

It can have 0 or 2 right angles, 1 or 2 acute or obtuse angles.

Acute angles are ones which measure less than 90 degrees.

A cone has no acute angles because a cone is a 3D shape and not a 2D.

There is 3 acute angles in the letter M.

A trapezoid always has two acute angles. the base angles have to be acute because the lower base angles and the upper base angles are complementary so since the upper base angle is always obtuse, the lower base angles have to be acute.

A triangle with 3 acute angles is an acute triangle. All the angles in an acute triangle are acute.

A parallelogram has 0 or 2 acute angles. If the parallelogram happens to have four right-angled corners, it is still a parallelogram (and a rectangle), but no acute angles.

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