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that depends on the magazine and gun in my green gas pistol a short 3-4 second fill up allows about 20 shots to be fired. A Co2 canister allows about 100 shots to be fired. But Co2 should only be used in guns that say Co2 ready and the same goes for green gas. An advantage for green gas is that the guns are usually cheaper and an advantage for co2 is the cartriges can be bought almost anywhere while as the green gas must be ordered online.

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Q: How many airsoft rounds does a Green Gas container hold and how much rounds does a Co2 canister hold?
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Are green airsoft bb's biodigradable?

yes, most green airsoft bb's are biodigradable

Is green gas airsoft guns illegal in NJ?

No they are not.

What is green gas for airsoft guns?

It is a source of power airsoft guns can run on. There are different power sources for most guns, such as spring, electric and gas. There are many different types of gas such as co2, propane, and green gas.

What type of green gas should you use for my airsoft gun?

Green gas is green gas. It doesn't matter

Is green gas bad for airsoft guns?

Green gas is required for Gas airsoft guns to work. Usually when you purchase airsoft guns, it will state whether or not the gun is a Spring loaded, CO2 Gas, Green Gas, Or Electric (AEG) Rifle. Best place to go for airsoft guns is That's where I go for all my purchases and I've had nothing but great experiences there with reliable products.

Is a lone wolf timberwolf airsoft gun electric?

No, it is green gas.

What retail stores carry green gas for airsoft guns?

Actually, any online purchases from evike, airsoft gi, or any store that ships via UPS cannot sell you legally green gas. The only way to pick up green gas is through a local airsoft dealer. I am not positive but you may be able to find some at Academy.

Do you still have to clean your gas airsoft gun if you use green gas?


Should you use a revolver in an airsoft war?

yes because there rely able and are really good. i sugguest the 6 inch or 8 inch revolvers and if you chose green gas revolvers just know that they are only 3 pounds heavy compared to a spring loaded revolver which is much much heavier then green gassed guns. the only down falls are the mag. rounds in total which are 6 (duh) but if your using it in a airsoft war then you should already know this and the spring loaded ones are alot stronger then the green gassed guns (not fps wise tho) but the green gassed ones break easier then the spring loaded guns.

What do you do when your airsoft green gas pistol fires but the bb does not leave the gun?

Needs to be serviced

What is the green fluid container in the mark 2 focus?

The green fluid is the antifreeze.

What is a powerful airsoft pistol?

a gas or spring powered one. never electric, electric powered pistols SUCK. i would suggest a green gas luger if your looking for power, or maybe a green gas desert eagle. those are good airsoft pistols.