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Q: How many albums did Elvis have?
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How many albums did Elvis make?

he made 524 albums

How many albums has Elvis sold?

Elvis Presley has sold over 1.5 billion albums. Elvis has sold more albums then any other singer or group in the history of music.

How many albums did Elvis Presley sell?

Elvis Presley sold an estimated 1.6 billion albums in his lifetime.

What are Elvis Presleys top 10 albums?

How many records has Elvis Presley sold?

How many albums did Elvis sell?

40 million

How many albums has Elvis Costello sold?


How many albums has Elvis Presley sold?

Claim sells - 1,000,000,000+ Elvis Presley has sold over 1 Billion albums.

How many number 1 UK Albums did Elvis Presley have?

11 albums 21 singles

How many albums have Elvis Presley sold?

1.3 Billion!!!!!

How many Elvis Presley albums have been sold?


Who sold more albums Elvis or the beetals?


How many albums has Elvis Presley made and sold?

1.3 Billion!!!!

How many records has Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley recorded 18 albums from 1956 through 1977. There have been two posthumously released compilation albums, bringing his total to 20.

What was Elvis's religion?

Elvis Presley was considered to be a CHristian. He released many albums on which he recorded Christian gospel and hymnal music.

Who sold the most albums in a day?

Elvis, the day he died he sold 20 million albums

How many album does Elvis has?

Elvis Presley recorded about 90 studio and live albums, many of which were very popular. Some were released after his death in 1977.

Who has the most platinum albums Elvis or Mariah Carey?

Elvis deffinatly!!!! Correction: If we only count studio albums, Elvis has 7 albums that have been certified platinum. Mariah Carey 11.

How many albums did Elvis record?

Elvis recorded not only studio albums, but live albums and soundtracks, and released compilation albums:Studio 23Live 7Compilation 11Soundtracks 19This gives a total of 60 albums released in his name.

What were the names of Elvis Presleys albums?

See the Related Link for a list of U.S. released Elvis Presley albums, with pictures of each and detail.

How many Grammy Awards did Elvis get?

Three (note: Each of them were for his Gospel songs/albums)

What is the value of an Elvis LP Album?

I would like the value of Elvis lp albums that were never sold to the public-they were promotinal albums to a radio station

Who made the most albums Elvis Presley or the Beatles?

Elvis Presley recorded more albums, though most of the later ones were movie soundtracks.

What artist has sold most albums?


Did Elvis sell more albums than the beatles?

No. The Beatles have sold aprox. 1.65 Billion albums worldwide... Elvis is second with aprox. 1.5 Billion.

Who sold more records Elvis The Beatles or Michael Jackson?

1-The Beatles-200,000+ albums 2-Elvis-190,000+ albums 3-Michael Jackon-180,000+ albums