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274 million cans a day.The latest figures show that Americans bought 100 billion cans in 2006, that is about 274 million cans a day.

Check these and many more interesting facts from the US Container Recycling Institute (link below).
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we use 30g a year

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Q: How many aluminum cans do Americans use each day?
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How many tons of aluminum cans is wasted each year?

Very few. Usually aluminum cans are used before being discarded. For example, they are filled with softdrink, then sold, and then discarded. So technically, not many aluminum cans are actually 'wasted' each year because they are 'used' in the first place.

How many aluminum cans would it take to to buy a car?

Let's say the car cost $3,000. Cans are about ten cents each. It would take you 30,000 cans.

If each paper bag holds 1.5 pounds of crushed aluminum cans how many ounces are in each paper bag?


How many cans are thrown away each minute?

90,000 cans are thrown away every minute by Americans ourselves.Sad, huh?

How many aluminum cans does it take to get 100 lbs?

Roughly 3,300 empty (obviously) 12 oz. aluminum cans.

How many aluminum cans are there in one kilogram?


Is there a difference in weight if an aluminum can is flattened?

Flattening an aluminum can makes no difference to its weight. However, a bag full of flattened aluminum cans will weigh much more than a bag full of unflattened aluminum cans, simply because you can fit many more cans in the bag.

How many people recycle aluminum cans in the US?


How many empty 12 ounce aluminum cans equal one pound?

Rounded: 30 cans.

If 16 cans are produced from aluminum made from ore how many cans can be made from recycled aluminum for the same cost?

It takes 20 times less energy to make a can from recycled aluminum, so, just counting the energy (ignoring the costs of mining and transport), you could make 320 cans out of recycled aluminum for the same cost as 16 cans from bauxite (aluminum ore).

Cherie's town is bagging aluminum cans for recycling. Each bag holds 5 pounds of cans. They need to collect 2 tons of cans before their donation will be accepted. How many bags of cans will they need?

A ton weighs 2,000 pounds, so 2 tons of cans weigh 4,000 pounds. If each bag holds 5 pounds of cans, they will need 4,000/5 = 800 bags of cans.

How many grams of aluminum are there in a mole of soda cans from here to the sun?

how many grams are in a mole of soda cans? show work