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Japan had over 50,000 airplanes during WW2.


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Many airplanes were developed during WW1.

Japan destroyed their records prior to surrendering. Everything they did was a secret; best estimates are approximately 50,000 Japanese airplanes during the war. Unlike Germany, Japan had to split it's "metal industry" with warship construction (along with tanks, guns, etc).

There were many different airplanes developed during the war - bombers and fighters. They came in single wing (monoplanes), two wing (biplanes) and three wing (triplane) varieties.

Once, there were two attacking waves of airplanes.

Thousands upon the US during peak times you have upwards of four to five thousand in the air alone...not counting the rest of the world

During World War 2 the total casualty lost by Japan (Including Colonies) were about 3.32 Million.

Nearly 300,000 aircraft were built by the US during WWII. Of those, approximately 200,000 were COMBAT airplanes.

Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan during WW2, one on Hiroshima and another on Nagasaki.

In 1945 two atomic weapons were used against Japan .

WWII-Not counting approximately 10,000 airplanes destroyed in US stateside training accidents: US Airplanes lost fighting Germany-USAAF lost 22,948 US Airplanes lost fighting Japan-USAAF lost 4,530 and USN lost 8,592

Airplanes were not invented during the time of the first Thanksgiving.

Because we the Americans was invaded by Japan!

Japan changed the world in many many ways. The first, and most important, is the technology made in Japan

The were as many as 220,000. 140,000 in Hiroshima 80,000 in Nagasaki

During World War II, Germany suffered substantial losses to its aircraft. An estimated 76,875 German airplanes were destroyed in the fighting.

There might be many reasons that US became the target of Japan during the World War II. Japan might wanted to win over US because US was the winner of the World War I. Also Japan might wanted to rule all over the world.

Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan during World War II.

Japan captured many parts of Asia during WWII

During World War 2, it is reported that over 2,000 variants of Japanese Submarines were used during World War 2. Out of this, it is estimated that 10,000s were likely to be used during WW2.

Japan has never won the World Cup.

During World War Two the USA. was at war with many countries, but the main three were Japan, Nazi Germany, and Italy.

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