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There are three ranks within the pay grade of E9 - Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army. There is only one Sergeant Major of the Army.

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Q: How many army E9 sargent major of the army are there?
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What is an E9 in the army?

An E-9 in the Army is the pay grade that denotes the rank of Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Command Sergeant Major of the Army.

How much does E's get paid in the army monthly?

E... what? There are nine enlisted pay grades, E1 through E9, plus the rank of Sergeant Major of the Army, which is technically E9, but gets paid at a higher scale than other E9 ranks. Time in service is also a factor in determining a soldier's base pay.

When was the E9 rank created in the us army?


What rank did si robertson retire as in the army?


What is the highest nco rank in the marine corps?

Sergeant Major is E9 which is the highest NCO "pay grade" in the marines. Command Sergeant Major is E9 as well but has more seniority than just a Sergeant Major. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is also E9 but has the most seniority of any NCO in the marines. E9 means that you are enlisted and you are rank 9. E9 is used to represent the pay grade.

What is the Enlisted soldier abbr?

Private (E1) = PVTPrivate (E2) = PV2Private First Class (E3) = PFCSpecialist (E4) = SPC (formerly SP4)Corporal (E4) = CPLSergeant (E5) = SGTStaff Sergeant (E6) = SSGSergeant First Class (E7) = SFCMaster Sergeant (E8) = MSGFirst Sergeant (E8) = 1SGSergeant Major (E9) = SGMCommand Sergeant Major (E9) = CSMSergeant Major of the Army (E9) = SMA

What is the unknown e9 rank in marine corps?

the lesser known E9 rank is Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

What are the different ranks in the army?

e1 e2 e3 e4 e5 e6 e7 e8 e9 e9 e9 O1 o2 o3 o3 o5 o6 o7 o8 o9 o10 commander n chief

What is the rarest e9 rank in marine corps?

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps .

Can you change your visa E9 to E7?

How can we changed E9 to E7

Names of ranks in the army?

Depends on which army you had in mind. For the US Army, it's:Enlisted:Private (E1)Private (E2)Private First Class (E3)Specialist (E4)/Corporal (E4)Sergeant (E5)Staff Sergeant (E6)Sergeant First Class (E7)Master Sergeant (E8)/First Sergeant (E8)Sergeant Major (E9)/Command Sergeant Major (E9)/Sergeant Major of the Army (E9)Warrant officers:Warrant Officer, One (W1)Warrant Officer, Two (W2)Chief Warrant Officer, Three (W3)Chief Warrant Officer, Four (W4)Chief Warrant Officer, Five (W5)Commissioned officers:Second Lieutenant (O1)First Lieutenant (O2)Captain (O3)Major (O4)Lieutenant Colonel (O5)Colonel (O6)Brigadier General (O7)Major General (O8)Lieutenant General (O9)'General (O10)General of the Army (Special - reserved only for wartime use)

Where does a corporal rank in the army?

Corporal rank is E-4, on a ranking scale from E1 to E9. It is the lowest NCO rank.

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