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Q: How many associates can a certified residential appraiser supervise at once?
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Latin for supervise?

Procurare is supervise in latin

What is a good sentence for supervise?

I will supervise the kids.

What is the future tense of supervise?

Supervisor is a noun and does not have a past tense. Supervise is a verb, and the past tense is supervised.

How do you use supervise in a sentence?

She will supervise the team to ensure the project is completed on time.

What is a sentence using supervise?

i don't like to SUPERVISE !

How can you use the word 'supervise' in a sentence?

Emily's mother is going to supervise her daughter's party.' Squirrel Man is here to supervise WikiAnswers.

A sentence that has the word supervise in it?

i had to supervise my children (i don't have children)

What is the last step in CRM process?

Supervise and evaluate

What does the prefix super mean as in SUPERvise?

It means "over." Supervise means oversee.

What is the noun form for supervise?

The noun forms of the verb to supervise are supervisor, supervision, and the gerund, supervising.

Can you supervise more than one category on WikiAnswers?

Yes, you can Supervise more than one category.

What are synonyms of oversees?