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Yuki Sohma, a character from the manga "Fruits Basket," experienced at least three Asthma attacks during the series. These attacks are a key part of his characterization and are used to highlight his vulnerability and emotional struggles.

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Q: How many asthma attacks did Yuki Sohma have in the manga?
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Who are Yuki Sohmas cousins?

Yuki Sohma's cousins are Kyo Sohma and Kagura Sohma. They are part of the Sohma family in the anime and manga series "Fruits Basket."

Did Saki have a feelings for Yuki Sohma?

Yes, Saki Hanajima in the manga and anime series "Fruits Basket" does not have romantic feelings for Yuki Sohma. Saki is a close friend of Tohru Honda and supports her in her relationships with the Sohma family members, including Yuki.

When does Yuki's brother first show in the manga?

Ayame Sohma first comes into Fruits Basket manga, i believe in book 14 or 15

How old is Yuki?

Which anime? There are many animes with people with the name of Yuki, but the only one I've really read is Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket who is 16-17 throughout the manga/anime

Who is Yuki Sohma?

He's one of the main characters in the manga 'Fruits Basket' (Known to fans as Furuba) Hope this helped!

What is yuki brothers name?

Yuki's brother's name is Ayame Sohma.

Who is the voice actor of yuki sohma?

Eric Vale .

What are ALL the characters on fruits basket?

Some of the main characters in "Fruits Basket" include Tohru Honda, Yuki Sohma, Kyo Sohma, Shigure Sohma, and Akito Sohma. There are many other characters in the series, each with their own unique personalities and stories intertwined with the Sohma family curse.

Does the Prince Yuki Fan Club ever find out that Tohru is living with the Sohmas in the manga?

Yes, in the manga, the Prince Yuki Fan Club discovers Tohru's secret when they follow her to the Sohma household and find out she's living with them. This leads to some comedic and dramatic moments as they struggle to keep this information from spreading.

Who does Yuki Sohma's voice in Japanese?

Yuki Sohma's voice in the Japanese version of "Fruits Basket" is provided by the voice actor Aya Hisakawa.

Where can i find a good yuki sohma fanfic?

You can find fanfiction stories about Yuki Sohma from the anime and manga "Fruits Basket" on websites like Archive of Our Own,, and Wattpad. These platforms have a variety of fanfiction stories written by fans of the series that explore different themes and interpretations of the character.

Who's lover of yuki?

Which anime?? There are many animes/manga with characters with the name of Yuki, but I'm not sure which one you mean. Theres Vampire Night....lots actually The only Yuki from an anime I have actually READ/watched is Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket, and his lover is Machi Kuragi...sorry if you're talking about another anime/manga