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How many athletes are from Aruba?

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January 20, 2010 4:42PM

Sidney Ponson, Calvin Maduro, Eugene Kingsale, and Radhames Dykhoff are four former Major League Baseball players from Aruba.

On September 3, 1996, Eugene Kingsale [b. August 20, 1976] became the first ballpayer born in Aruba to play in a major league game. He debuted with the Baltimore Orioles on that day.

Calvin Maduro [b. September 5, 1974] debuted five days later on September 8, 1996. His first game was as a player with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Sidney Ponson [b. November 2, 1976] debuted on April 19, 1998. He played his first game with the Baltimore Orioles.

Ponson's cousin Radhames Dykhoff [b. September 27, 1974] debuted on June 7, 1998. His first game was as a player with the Baltimore Orioles.

Kingsale, Maduro, and Ponson were knighted in the Netherlands' Order of Orange-Nassa in 2004.