How many average speed in 60m?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Not enough information. To solve for average speed, you would usually divide a distance by a time.

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Q: How many average speed in 60m?
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How many centimeters in 60 meters?

1m= 100cm 60m= 100x60 60m=6000cm

How do you find the speed of 600meter and 10 seconds?

speed=distance/time taken 600/10= 60m/s

What is the average distance for a proffessional's hammer throw?

the average distance for a male to throw a hammer is aroud 60m

How do you calculate speed of a motorcycle if it flew 60m after colliding with a car?

It depends on many factors... Speed can be approximated based on the coefficient of friction, (wet of dry) concrete/dirt/aspalth, and of course HOW it hit the vehicle.

How many millimetres are in 60 meter?


How many seconds are there in m minutes?

60m seconds

How many meters are there in 6 000 cm?


How many minutes are there in m hours?

There are: 60*m or 60m

What is a plot 60mx60m in square meters?

3600m2. this is 60m * 60m

Which has a greater speed a heron that travels 600m in 60 seconds or a duck that travels 60m in 5 seconds explain?

a heron