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How many awards has Rick Ross won?

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Rick Ross has won four awards and has been nominated for 29. The three he has won are the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Award for Best Club Banger for "BMF," the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Award for Track of the Year for "BMF," and the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Award for MVP of the.
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How many awards has Mohanlal won?

AwardsWins | Nominations / National Film Awards | 4 | 4 / Kerala State Film Awards | 9 | 9 / Filmfare Awards South | 9 | 8 / IIFA Awards | 1 | 1 / Star Screen Awards | 1 | 1 /

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Despite 8 nominations for herself and an additional nomination with the Supremes, Miss Ross has NEVER actually won a Grammy. This is pretty hard to swallow since so many new a

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Drake has won almost 200 awards maybe more.

How many awards has Cher won?

Cher's Farewell tour in 2003 won her an Emmy in outstanding variety. she was awarded a Grammy in 2000 for her song "believe." She also has four golden globe awards.

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16 Grammy Awards   12 MTV Video Music Awards   1 Billboard Millenium Award   4 American Music Awards   8 BET Awards   7 Billboard Music Awards   1 Brit

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K'naan won 3 Awards (as on August 10, 2010). 1) 2006 Juno Awards: Rap Recording of the Year for The Dusty Foot Philosopher. 2) 2010 Juno Awards: Artist of the Year 3) 2010 Ju

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