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How many awards has Will Smith been nominated for?

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They were nominated for 3 BRIT awards but only won 2

None. He has never been nominated for an Oscar.

They have been nominated for 7 awards but have not won any yet.

36 awards, been nominated for 57. He is amazing.

Will Smith will be in black history for his contribution to the music and entertainment world. He has won many awards for his music and his acting skills. He has also been nominated twice for an Oscar.

he has been nominated fror many awards over 89 times! x such a talented kid!

He has won many awards including BET Awards and she has also been nominated for Grammy awards.

she won eight awards and been nominated to for three but did not win.

Justin Bieber has been nominated for 89 awards and still counting

They have been nominated for 41 and won 21.

He has been nominated for two but has only won one for Best Actor for his role in Ray.

Yes, she has many awards and in addition to that she has been nominated even more times.

katy perry has had 10 grammy awards nominated

She has won about 5 awards and has been nominated many times. Selena Gomez rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pooja Bhatt is a famous Indian actress and film maker. She has been nominated for many awards. She has won awards for Filmfare Face of the Year, National Film Award for Best Film, and Best Feature Film.

Walt Disney was nominated for fifty-nine Academy Awards (more than any other individual in Oscar history).

about 130+ and she has been nominated for 180+ I believe

He has won over 50 awards and has been nominated over 70 times!

It has won three awards, but has been nominated in several award categories.

She has been nominated for 3 Brit Awards:British Single - Fight for This Love (2010)British Single - Parachute (2011)Best British Female (2011)

Beyonce has been in the music industry for quite a few years and has been nominated and won many awards. She has won 17 Grammy Awards.

She has been nominated 146 times and won 82 awards as of 7-8-11

Keyshia Cole has been nominated for four Grammy Awards (2008-2009) no wins.

in the year 2010 2 Avatar,Airbender

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