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They have about 3 to 10! thanks from Gaby

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Can a parakeet have babies?

Any living animal can have babies.

Will a male parakeet hurt the baby parakeet?

no it will not. Actually it help the female parakeet with the babies. don't be scared if they enter the nest.

How does mother parakeet feed her babies?

you have to feed it.

How old does a female parakeet have to be to have babies?

1 or older

Can a finch and parakeet have babies?

No. They are completely different species.

When does a parakeet has babies?

When they mate after 5 weeks or so..

Why won't my parakeet of 2 years have babies with her partner?

Parakeets are flock birds, they need to have a companion.Your parakeet must be depressed or it cannot get babies since there is a likelihood that it is barren.

Can a parakeet eat a newly hatched baby parakeet?

yes. sometimes, the male has been known to eat or peck the babies.

What do you do when your parakeets has babies?

get them a nesting box and let ur parakeet care for them.

Do parakeets like nectar?

It depends on their species.The term "parakeet" is used to describe a medium-sized parrot. A "parakeet" itself is not a species.Some parakeet species are:Alexandrine ParakeetBudgerigarsDerbyan ParakeetEastern RosellaIndian Ringneck ParakeetPlum-headed ParakeetQuaker ParakeetRegent ParakeetAnd many more. In general, many species of parakeet do enjoy nectar and eat it as part of their diet in the wild. However other species are indifferent and will either like it or hate it.If you'd like to know the answer for a specific species of parakeet, please re-ask the question.

When does a parakeet is gona have babies?

when it gains 8to10 pounds it will have a change of behavor to it will want you to stay away when it has it offsping

Can your fix your parakeet?

Yes, you can fix your parakeet if you wanted to but, not many people do it because it is a bird!

How many had parakeet survey of 160 families showed that 59 had a dog 46 had a cat 19 had both cat and dog 63 had neither cat or dog or parakeet 3 had cat dog and parakeet how many had a parakeet only?


Can parakeet have eggs while caring for their babies that are two months?

Yes, they can have eggs as soon as the first eggs hatch.

After a egg has hatch do you remove the male parakeet?

No, I think that the male should remain in with the female to help her with the feeding of the babies.

What was the Carolina Parakeet?

The Carolina Parakeet is an extinct bird. It was once found in the Carolinas and many other eastern states.

Will a father parakeet take care of the baby parakeets?

yes! when the eggs are hatched the male will help the female feed the babies.

How many eggs can a parakeet lay in 3 days?

A parakeet lays 3*3=9 in three days

How can you use the word parakeet in a sentence?

A parakeet is a small parrot.The parakeet is cute."Feed me!" screamed the parakeet.

Can you have female parakeet with a male parakeet in the same cage together?

Well, this is possible, if you want to have baby parakeets. If you do, keep thing in the same cage and install a nesting box. If you do not want to have babies, I sugest geeting a cage for each keet.

How do you spell parakeet?


How many babies can Hector's dolphins have at one time?

how many babies can a dolphin have ? ? how many babies can a dolphin have ? ? how many babies can a dolphin have ? ? how many babies can a dolphin have ? ?

Is parakeet a mammal?

No, a parakeet is a bird.

What kind of parakeet do you have?

I have a Budgerigar parakeet

What is a baby parakeet called?