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Q: How many balloons would it take to lift a 10 year old?
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How many helium balloons does it take to lift the Titanic?

10000000 helium balloons

How many helium balloons does it take to lift a 20 pound frozen turkey?


How many balloons does it take to lift a 190 pound man?

assuming that temperature is constant and that we're talking about regular party balloons (a "regular" 2-gram party balloon can hold ~ 16 grams of gas), you would need 6,156 baloons to hold your weight in equilibrium. you would need an amount greater than this to actually lift you (the more extra balloons, the faster the lift), and this is not accounting for the weight of the string. extrapolated from:

How many helium balloons does it take to lift a kilogram?

To lift about 110 pounds it could take any where from 100 to 150 balloons to lift a person, a lawn chair, food, and many gallons of water. A man by the name of Kent Couch from Oregon demestrated this for us by flying from his home all the way to Idaho. I would'NT try this unless you have a parachute of some kind of device to help you have a better landing. The Balloons could be about the average party balloons (large ones) that are about 11in in diameter. Now remember this is very dangerous and could even be lethal.I hope this helped you.Thanks for looking--Tiana5701

Just say you had a bunch of party balloons filled with helium tied to a person how many balloons would it take for a 150lb person to jump like they were on the moon?

well it depends how much the person weighs so do this take the persons weight and multiply it by five the divide it by how many inches the balloon is around then last but not least you add how much time it takes to blow up the balloon (this is because different heilium machines have different presure gages) and there is how many balloons it takes to lift a person off the ground wit regular party balloons

How many balloons does it take to fly?

One ... if its big enough.

How many balloons will it take to pick up a 120lb person?

It takes about 300 balloons to lift 200 pound manballoon filled with exactly 1 sq ft of helium yields about 28.2g (upward thrust)453.6 grams/Lb453.6(1Lb) /28.2= about 16 blnsSo to get one pound off of the ground it would take about 16 balloons16x200= 3200it would take 3200 balloons to lift a 200 lb person....Only hoover not continually rise on account of the uneven weight distribution and the temp differences in each balloon helium isn't as buoyant when cold, unless the temp is consistant. Wind is a factor; as well as the amount of static charge in the air

How many ducks would it take to lift an elephant?

The number of ducks required to lift an elephant is dependent upon the strength of the ducks and the weight of the elephant,

How many bees does it take to lift up a laptop?

According to the "Mythbuster's Bug Special", about 23,000 bees would be required to lift up a laptop.

How many hummingbirds would it take to lift a person?

conservative estimate, using the average weight of a humming bird and average lift, i came up with approximately 13,608

How much effort force would it take to lift a 300 kg weight with a movable pulley system?

It would take 150 kg to lift the load.

How long would it take a contractor to install a handicapped chair lift?

The time is would take a contractor to install a handicapped chair lift would depend on their experience. One that is experienced in the business could successfully get a chair lift installed in a couple of hours.