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over 9000!!

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Q: How many bee keepers were there in 2004?
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What are people who handle bee hives?

If they purposefully have the bees to collect honey, Bee Keepers.

Are bee keepers expensive?

You can't buy a beekeeper!

What are the bee hats called that bee keepers wear?

They don't have a specific name - just hat and veil.

Do bee keepers use smoke to calm the bees down?


Are there bumble bee keepers?

Yes. They are kept to pollinate plants in glasshouses.

What was sir Edmund s family business?

The Hillary's family business was bee keepers.

What is st abigails feast day?

February 11th. The patron Saint of bee keepers

What has the author Edmund Basil Wedmore written?

Edmund Basil Wedmore has written: 'A manual of bee-keeping for English-speaking bee-keepers' -- subject(s): Bee culture

Why do bee keepers use white paint and use shiny aluminun lids on their bee hives?

This is to help them stay cool on the inside.

Where does a honey bee live in a bee hive in a tree?

They are no longer native to America do to the over infestation of Verona mites and also the africanized subspecies. Honey bees are only found in the backyards of bee keepers.

What are the release dates for The Apprentice - 2004 To Bee or Not to Bee 6-5?

The Apprentice - 2004 To Bee or Not to Bee 6-5 was released on: USA: 11 February 2007

Why do zoo keepers use white paint and aluminum lids on their bee hives?

because it causes the queen bee to gain love for the hive since the colour white is seen pink through the eyes of bee.