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It takes 2 beers to get a DUI

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Not many. I recently got a DUI, I had three Busch Lights from 10 p.m. until 1:15, was arrested for DUI, and my BAC was .112

I have doubts in your moral standings....

Depends on how many beers you have had.

It takes 3 red stripe beers! Proven by scientist in the Chronic Alcholism institution of studies.

17 regular beers or 21 light beers

What size of beers are you pouring?

It depends on the type of beer and who is drinking it. One who has been drunk a hundred times may take a few more beers to get drunk than one who has never been drunk.

i,am 5,10 wieght 265 how many beers do i need to drink to be .09.45

141 8 ounce beers, it is closer to 160 12 oz beersNot enough!

256 beers cam fit it a keg

About 3 and a half beers !

In most states it takes a BAC of .08% to get charged with a per se DUI. Additionally, many states have an additional DUI charge for people with a BAC below that who still exhibit symptoms of impairment.

For a male that weighed 200 Pounds, he would be at 0% after 7 hours according to DUI Calculators. For a female that weighed 100 pounds, however it would take 14 hours. Your weight and sex are the primary determining factors.

Standard keg is around 165 12oz beers.

De Beers has more than 16,000 employees

500000000000001 is how many beers you need until you die! but don't try this at home!

Several hours after you drink them. It affects the whole body systems. This is one reason urine/blood tests are given for a DUI.

Click on the link below to take you to a blog that has listed which of the beers in the UK are suitable for vegans.

Theres about 160 12oz beers in a standard US keg

About 170 12-ounce beers (170.666667).

seriously beer i guess 4 beers is enough you can get in trouble with the low

It is generally very expensive to hire a DUI attorney. Fortunately with the economy being poor, many DUI attorneys have lowered their rates. Fortunately, many DUI attorneys offer free consultations.

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