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How many bits is 1k byte?


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One BYTE is currently defined as 8 BITs. (Binary digITs)

1 B = 8 b

(Big "B" is for Bytes and little "b" is for bits.)

Some data protocols use a different number of bits to define a character (like the letter "A"), most systems today use 8 bits, some older systems used 5 bits or 7 bits. But a BYTE is currently defined as 8 bits, since historically the definition of a byte has changed throughout time. Also, one NIBBLE is half a byte, which is 4 bits.

KB -- Kilobyte (official definition now means 1,000 bits per NIST and IEC):

K = Kilo = 1,000

1 KB = 1,000 bytes

1,000 bytes = 1,000(8 bits per byte) = 8,000 bits

KiB -- Kibibyte (new term to avoid confusion with a Kilobyte):

2^10 = 1,024

1 KiB = 1,024 bytes

1,024 bytes = 1,024(8 bits per byte) = 8,192 bits

So, basically, there's still a lot of confusion between IT professionals and manufacturers of data storage devices as not many have adopted the newer Kibibyte definitions. Therefore, you must determine the context and/or do your own math to validate which meaning is being used.

Sources (replace the [dot] text with an actual period "."):

* Read the history of the mathematical inaccuracies of the original so-called "Kilobyte" at the NIST and IEC websites (these are organizations that deal with standards).

www [dot] physics.nist [dot] gov/cuu/Units/binary.html

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* Numerical breakdowns:

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www [dot] computerhope [dot] com/jargon/b/byte.htm

* Historical examples of a byte not always being 8 bits:

encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary [dot] com/byte [See FOLDOC's definition.]


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1kb =1,024 bytes 1Byte= bits So that Mean 1 Byte is less Then 1 Kilobyte

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4 bits=1 nybble 2 nybbles=1 byte8 bits in a byte

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An octet is 8 bits, which forms a byte.

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1 Mega Byte = 8,000,000 bits

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There are always eight bits in a byte

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