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0 bonds

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Q: How many bonds can Calcium make without hybridization?
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How many bonds can Al make without hybridization?


How many bonds can Mg 3s2 atom make without hybridization?

0 bonds

How many bonds can Ca 4s2 atom make without hybridization?

Calcium can form the ion Ca2+ and forms many ionic compounds. Hybridisation would indicate we were talking about covalent bonding, calcium is not good at this, for example organo-calcium compounds are much more unstable than magnesium.

How many bonds can Ca make?

Calcium can make two bonds because it is in the same group as oxygen.

How many chemical bonds can oxygen make?

Without hybridization, oxygen has a valence electron configuration of 2s22p4. Which means it has 2 unpaired electrons; therefore it can form 2 bonds.

How many bonds can each atom make without hybridization P3s23p3?

Three is the answer expected. Higher valences of phosphorus, in PCl5 for example can be explained by hybridisation although this method is not the only explanation.

How many bonds can Si3s23p2 make without hybridization?

wo. A strange question! if you hybridise the 3s and 3 p orbitals you end up with sp3 and still get the same answer. Perhaps the hybridisation involves d orbitals, if that is what you are being taught.

Does heating calcium carbonate produce an endothermic or exothermic reaction?

its an endothermic reaction, because the it broke the bonds of the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in order to make calcium oxide (CaO) and Carbon dioxide (CO2).

Why does water get hot when you mix calcium chloride?

When Calcium Chloride is mixed with water it performs an exothermic reaction which makes new bonds between the salt(Calcium Chloride) and the water. This will therfore make the solution of the reaction increase in temperature.

What is the Empirical formula for calcium oxide?

The chemical formula for Calcium oxide is CaO. A single calcium atom bonds with a single oxygen atom to make this compound, and a link can be found below for more information.CaO

Do redox reactions always make or break ionic bonds?

it is not compulsory to break or make bonds. they could involve just transfer of electrons from one molecule to another, without bond making or breaking.

What is the orbital hybridization of the central atom Ti in TiCl4?

The hybridization of Titanium in TiCl4 is Sd3 covalant Liqiid with boilling point 136 degree centigrade. The 4S2 electron is promoted to 3d orbital to make it d3 followed by Sd3 tetrahedral hybridization.