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"There is a very strong bond between mother seals and pups, who recognize each other by sound and smell. Female seals give birth to one pup each year. She will nurse her pup for a few days before going to sea to feed, leaving the pup in a nursery group or a protected area for three to five days. When she returns, she calls the pup with a distinctive bark that the pup will answer. The mother will continue this cycle of feeding and nursing for several weeks until the pup is old enough to swim and keep up with her. She will then bring the pup to sea with her, to teach it to swim, feed, and avoid predators. The pup will be weaned in a year, when the mother comes to shore to give birth " You can check out this link to also find more information and facts on Harp Seals: (Bibliography) Global Action Network. "Global Action Network: Animals: Harp Seals." Global Action Network: Home. 25 May 2009 . Good luck! ❤

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Q: How many bones does a harp seal have?
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Do harp seal have bones?

yes seals have a definite backbone and are classified as vetebrates

What is a harp seal covered in?

A harp seal is covered in fur.

What do you need to make a harp seal?

A mommy harp seal and a daddy harp seal. Want details? Ask your parents.

How many eyes do a harp seal have?

2 eyes

What do humans hunt harp seal for?

they hunt the harp seal mainly for their fur

What is the diet of a harp seal?

the diet of a harp seal is mostly fish and crustaceans

What color is an adult harp seal?

The adult harp seal is a grayish color...

Why does a mother harp seal push the harp seal pup in the water?

to learn how to swim

Why are Harp Seals called Harp seals?

Harp Seals are called 'Harp' seals because Harp Seals's designs on their blubber can sometimes be in the shape of a harp.

How do harp seals hide from its predator?

what are the predators of a harp seal

What is the national seal for Ireland?

The seal of ireland is a harp

What is the body covering of harp seals?

harp seal covering is fur