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How many bones have sabu broken?


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Brunk racked up an astounding catalogue of injuries during his ECW tenure, including broken ribs, a broken jaw, and famously breaking his neck twice. The first time he broke his neck was during his match with Chris Benoit at 1994 November to Remember event. Benoit threw Sabu, intending that he take a flapjack bump, but Brunk attempted to turn mid-air and take a back body drop bump instead. This incident earned Benoit his nickname "The Canadian Crippler". The other was during a match against Taz in December 1998, when Brunk took a Taz-Plex through a table and landed incorrectly. Brunk was able to recover from the neck injuries and return to wrestling, and he even wore a neck brace in his return match in the United States a month following the injury at Taz's hands; by Brunk's account, however, he started actively wrestling in Japan on a short tour a little over two weeks after that injury.sorry If I went in inti ti much detail .


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