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How many bones in the hard palate?


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The hard palate is made up the palantine processes of the the maxillae (paired bones)--3/4 of the hard palate--and the horizontal plate of the palantine bone--the remaining 1/4. So I guess that makes 3 bones?

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The hard palate is formed by maxillary and palatine bones.

The palatine bone is the posterior bone of the hard palate.

maxillary bones and palatine bones.

maxillae and palatine bones

Bone that forms the posterior part of the hard palate and the lateral nasal cavity are the palatine bones.

maxilla and palatine bone

The palatine processes of the maxilla bone and two palatine bones form the hard palate.

Most obvious structure formed by contributions by two bones in your hard palate. Behind that you have the soft palate. Major and anterior part of the hard palate is formed by palatine process of the maxilla bone. On posterior or back side, you have the palatine bone.

The maxillary bones make up the largest part of the hard palate. Source: I searched for an answer for this same question for like 15 minutes...

The palatine bones form the palate. The palate is known in lay terms as the roof of your mouth.

The medical term is Palate. It can be the Hard palate the bony part in front, or the fleshy part called the Soft palate, which lies behind the hard palate.

It is formed by the palatine process of the maxilla and horizontal plate of palatine bone.

The hard palate has a base of bone while the soft palate does not. The soft palate is made of just a skin-like material and it ends in the uvula.

The nose is covered anteriorly by the two bilateral nasal bones,which form the alar of the nose.Inferiorly it is fomed by the bones of the hard palate and medially by the nasal septum.

It separates the nasal cavity from the oral cavity below.

the nerve. infection of a tooth/nerve, but sometimes just temporary. there is not too much fat/meat/tissue on the bones on the hard palate therefore every small swelling feels enormous.

The anterior part of the Hard Palate is the Maxilla.The Posterior part of the Hard Palate is the Palatine.

The palate is the medical term for the roof of the mouth.It is called the palate.The roof of the mouth is called the palate.The palate.The PalateThe palate, which is divided into the hard palate at the front and the soft palate to the rear.palate

The front part of the palate is bone and is called the hard palate.

The maxilla (palentine process) forms most of the hard palate.

What is the function of the transverse ridges in the hard palate of the pig

A palatine bone is either of the two bones which make up the hard palate and are situated at the rear of the nasal cavity.

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