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The largest library in the world is the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. According to its web site,, the library in 2006 had: "Total of 134,517,714 items in the collections, including: * 20,532,692 cataloged books in the Library of Congress classification system * 11,591,309 books in large type and raised characters, incunabula (books printed before 1501), monographs and serials, music, bound newspapers, pamphlets, technical reports, and other printed material" The division of material into cataloged books and then large type books and other items makes the total number of books unclear. The 2007-2008 edition of the American Library Directory states that the Library of Congress has 29,000,000 volumes. I would go with this number.

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Q: How many books are in the largest library in the world?
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How many books are in a library?

The number of books in a library can vary substantially, depending on the individual library. For example: a small, corporate library may only consist of a few dozen books; a public library system can easily have tens of thousands of books; an academic/research library can have a collection that is in the tens of millions. The Library of Congress, which is one of the two largest libraries in the world, has over 36.8 million (catalogued) books.

How many books of a biggest library?

There are about 4.8 million books in the biggest library, Library of Congress.

How many books are in the library if congress?

22,765,967 cataloged books in the library of congress

How many books are there about World War 2?

A huge amount. go to a library

How many miles of bookshelves does the Library of Congress have?

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world The library contains 158 Million volumes that would stretch for 838 miles.

How many books are in the worlds largest library?

The worlds largest library is the Library of Congress. The collections include more than 35 million books and other print materials, 3.4 million recordings, 13.6 million photographs, 5.4 million maps, 6.5 million pieces of sheet music and 68 million manuscripts.

How many books does the Multnomah County library have?

According to wikipedia, the Multnomah County library has a collection of 1,994,641. They have a budget of $61 million and serve more than 425,000 people. They are the largest library in Oregon.

How many books are there in an average library?

There are many aspects to take into consideration in regards to how many books a library would have. The considerations to keep in mind would be the size of the town the library is located and how many libraries are in that town. The library of congress has over 120 million books.

How many books in a public library?

According to the National Library Association the legal amount of books in a library is 800-1000 books.

What kind of books are in the Clinton Presidential Library?

The type of books in Clinton Presidential Library are usually first edition copies of many books. The library also has many exhibitions and museum rooms.

How many books are in the bc ministry of health library and how many new books are acquired each month by the library?


How many books are there in Library of Congress?

According to the Library of Congress website, there are currently 32 million books in the library. With more than 142 million items (including recordings, photographs, maps) on more than 650 miles of shelving, the library adds about 10,000 to its collection per day. What started out as a room of just 3,000 books in the Capitol Building has now become the oldest book collection in the nation and the largest library in the world. And thanks to digital technology and a dedicated staff, that collection is not only growing, but it is also becoming more readily available to the world.

How many books in a library?

That depends upon the library you are refering to, the size and the reputation of the library.

How many sections in the library?

it depends on how many books are in the library and on how many type or kind of book are in there

How many books are in the library?


How many books can you get in the mesa public library?

You can have 25 books checked out with your Mesa, Arizona Public Library card.

How many books are in the b.c. ministry of health library?

The B.C. Ministry of Health library has approximately 15,000 books.

How many books are in the collection of the Library of Congress?

Over 1,500 books

How should one rent books from library?

Books are borrowed from the library using a valid library card. Many libraries have rules about who can be a member and borrow books and often will expect the patrons to be residents or work in the area that the library serves.

What are the different library resources?

the different library resources where we can get information are from books and many other things in the library

How many books are in the british library?

The British Library boasts one hundred and fifty million items from all over the world. They have print and digital files of manuscripts, books, musical recordings, plays, journals, newspapers.

How many library books do you read?


What do you call many books together?

a library

How many books are in the French National Library?

There are currently over 14 million books and other publications in the French National Library

Should some books be banned from the library?

I think so. I have read many 'young' adult books I found inapropriate for teens and adults. Likewise, many adult books in the library are completely inapropriate.

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