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The Outsiders
Rumble Fish
That Was Then, This is Now
Tex Taming The Star Runner
Hawks Harbor
Tim's Stories
Big David, Little David
The Puppy Sister

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Q: How many books has SE Hinton wrote?
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Why did SE Hinton decide to sign her books SE Hinton?

many people would not read the Outsiders if they knew a woman wrote it. Most people would assume the author was a man if signed with S.E. Hinton.

Is there anything interesting about SE Hinton?

SE. Hinton wrote The Outsiders book at the age of16. She got her information from a group at her school, and some research. This book mostly is about teenagers struggles. In school SE. Hinton was a tomboy and played football with the guys. She did not feel that she wanted to be in any group in school. The Greasers do not have the same names as the people in the book though. SE. Hinton is a girl and put the name SE Hinton so that men too would also read the book without knowing it was wrote by a girl. SE. Hinton wrote many other books besides The Outsiders. This is a great book and I personally think that many people should read it!

Who is SE Hinton?

S.E Hinton is a very well-known author who wrote a lot of books including: The Outsiders, That Was Then, This Is Now, and others.

Did SE Hinton write a book with Jodi Picoult?

No Jodi Piccoult wrote the introduction for one of SE Hintons books

Why does SE Hinton write about teenagers?

Hinton never had books about teenagers, when she was growing up.

How long did it take se hinton to write the outsiders?

It took S.E Hinton 2 years I believe. She wrote her first novel when she was Sixteen.

What are four of SE Hinton's books that have been turned into movies?

The Outsiders. Tex. Rumble Fish. That Was Then, This Is Now.

How many books did SE Hilton write?

SE Hinton wrote ten different books. The most famous of these is her young adult novel, the Outsiders, which was published in 1967. She also wrote That Was Then, This Is Now (1971), Rumble Fish (1975), Tex (1979), Taming the Star Runner (1988). She also wrote children's books: Big David, Little David (1995) and The Puppy Sister (1995). She wrote two adult fiction books, Hawkes Harbor (2004) and Some of Tim's Stories (2007). She also wrote a section of Great Women Writers (1999), with the other two sections being written by Maya Angelou and Rita Dove.

How many siblings did SE Hinton have?

Author SE Hinton had one sibling, a younger sister named Beverly.

What does th E in SE Hinton stand for?

Eloise. SE Hinton's full name was Susan Eloise Hinton.

Is S E Hinton related to Nigel Hinton?

No, SE Hinton is not related to Nigel Hinton.

What does SE stand for in SE Hinton's name?

S.E Hinton stands for Susan Ellan Hinton.

Is Nigel Hinton related to SE Hinton?

No. S.E Hinton and Nigel Hinton are not related in fact S.E Hinton actually changed her name to S.E Hinton.

Is the outsiders a true story?

No! SE hinton wrote this book when she was just 17 years old, she was friends with a greaser, but the events of this story are fictional.

The Outsiders by SE Hinton?

The book The Outsiders is by S.E. Hinton.

What kind of writer does se hinton say she is?

Hinton says she is a character writer.

Was SE Hinton a Greaser?

First of all, S.E. Hinton is a female!

What does SE Stand for in S.E. Hinton?

S. E. Hinton's initials s. e. stand for susan eloise hinton.

Why did S.E. Hinton write the book called The Outsiders?

SE Hinton wrote the outsiders about greasers and socs.She wanted to show us how the socs were just misunderstood rich kids,and how the greasers were just misunderstood poor tough kids.

Where did se hinton from?


Why did SE Hinton use her initials and not her full name?

its because S.E. Hinton is a girl and back then boys were only reading books by boys and girls were only reading books by girls and that's kind of how it is still today, and so she used S.E. Hinton so it didnt sound like a girl name and boys would read her book as much as girls would.

When did SE write The Outside?

S.E Hinton wrote The Outsiders when she was 16 years old and was still in high school, Then the book got published in 1967.

SE Hinton present life?

Apparently, S.E. Hinton is living in Pennsylvania. Around Philadelphia. I tell you this because she was my substitute reading teacher today. pretty whack stuff. and I'm sure it was her so... yep. she wrote the outsiders.

When did S E Hinton die?

se hinton has not died yet she is still alive

What was se hinton's name in The Outsiders?

S.E Hinton was the author, not a character.