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i don't know you think that's what brains are 4! lol

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How many fans dose avril lavigne have?

It is not known how many fans Avril Lavigne has. Avril Lavigne released her latest album, Avril in 2013.

How many albums has Avril lavigne released?

Avril Lavigne has 4 albums.

What is the true name of Avril lavigne?

Avril ramona lavigne or Avril r. lavigne

How many band members does Avril lavigne have?

Avril Lavigne has 10 band memebers, I think...........

Did Avril lavigne had a car accident?

yes Avril lavigne did get in a car accident and was left with many injuries

Is Avril Lavigne Famous?

Avril Lavigne is famous

What nationality is Avril lavigne?

Avril Lavigne is Canadian.

Who sings what the hell?

Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne

What is Avril Lavigne band name?

Avril Lavigne

What is the name of Avril lavigne?

Her full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne. Her full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne.

Who is Avril Lavigne dating?

Avril Lavigne is currently single.

Who is better Ashley Tisdale or Avril lavigne?

Avril Lavigne.

What is the complete name of avril lavigne?

Avril Ramona Lavigne

What are Avril lavigne success?

what was Avril lavigne success in life

What is a good song for boyfriends and girlfriends?

Far away: NickelbackNever gonna be alone: NickelbackWhen your gone: Avril Lavigne

When is Avril lavigne born?

Avril Lavigne was born in Ontario Canada29 September Avril Lavigne was born in Ontario Canada29 September

What is the birth name of Avril Lavigne?

Avril Lavigne's birth name is Avril Ramona Lavigne.

Does Avril Lavigne do charity work?

YES! she have " the avril lavigne foundation "

Is Avril lavigne british?

Avril Lavigne is Canadian, from Napanee, Ontario.

Has Avril Lavigne had any babies?

No, Avril Lavigne has not had any babies.

Do Avril Lavigne have any kids?

No Avril Lavigne does not have any kids

Avril lavigne boyfriend?

Avril Lavigne is married Deryck whibley.

Has Avril lavigne been divorsed?

yes Avril lavigne is divorsed

Who is Avril lavigne signed with?

Avril Lavigne is signed with RCA Records.

Who is the composer of when your gone by Avril lavigne?

Avril Lavigne and Butch Walker.

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