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The answer below is false, the AR-15 has no "automatic fire mode", the M-16 (to which the AR-15 looks like) has a rate of about 800 rpm (however that's more of a representation of how fast you can empty a magazine in relation to 1 minute, it would be impossible to successfully fire this many rounds while managing to reload every 3 seconds 20 times in said minute) and also has no "automatic fire mode," it has a 3 round burst. The AR-15 (if you're actually aiming at anything) is close to about 60 rpm, similar to the average hunting rifle.

The AR-15 rifle has a cyclic fire rate of 800 rounds per minute. However, this is only in fully automatic fire mode. When firing on semi-automatic, the shooter can expect to put 45-60 rounds downrange in a minute depending on how fast he/she can pull the trigger.

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Q: How many bullets does ar15 shoot per min?
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