How many calories are in a New York bagel?

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According to the New York Times (1994/2001), a New York bagel, plain and without cream cheese or butter can have 320 to 800 calories!
The primary culprit is the size of the bagel which has grown over the years and is much larger than the size recommended by the USDA.
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How many calories are in a bagel?

There are approximately 280 calories in one medium (about 3½ to 4 inch) plain, unfilled, bagel. Depending on the bagel size, generally speaking an average plain bagel has approximately 150-300 calories.

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How many calories are in a whole wheat bagel?

theres about 250. since they're very filling, you may want to try half a bagel with butter, which would be about 150 calories depending on the use of butter and what kind.

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How many calories in half a bagel?

One generic plain bagel with no added spreads can have around 245 calories, but some rise up to 280. Cutting it in half would naturally halve the calories as well. Check on the nutrition label to see what the calories in a whole bagel are, since it varies by brand, and then just divide that by two.

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86, assuming they're full-size bagels. Few people can manage more than two as bagels are rather heavy, but they're so nice most people will want more than one.

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How many calories in a bagel '?

It depends on the size, the brand, if you added any toppings, etc. But generally, if you don't put anything on it, most bagels are somewhere around 150-350 calories.

How many calories in bacon n cheese bagel?

Most bagels are about 200-220 calories. Bacon is about 70-80 calories per 2-slice serving, and cheese is about 70 (assuming you just used 1 slice). All together, a bacon and cheese bagel would be somewhere between 340-370 calories.

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How many calories are in a honey wheat bagel?

My guess is a lot... depending on the size of the bagel I'd say between 300-400 ... Bagels are very dense and carry a lot of calories and carbs. I once read that a bagel is equivalent to 6 slices of regular sandwich bread or something like that. I don't eat them for that reason =) It's actually mor ( Full Answer )

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Why so many carbohydrates in a bagel?

I am speculating: The relatively high number of carbs in bagel may reflect the fact that it is a relatively dense baked good - it weighs more per unit volume than, say, most breads. So it has more "stuff" in it per unit volume - meaning more carbs per unit volume.

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