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Q: How many cancer causing chemicals are in marijuana?
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Marijuana smoke has fewer cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco smoke?

One "joint" of marijuana has more cancer causing chemicals then one cigarette. But the difference is that marijuana also contains a chemical that helps prevent the growth of cancer. Marijuana has been proven that it does not cause lung cancer. --- Marijuana was added to the Proposition 65 List of Chemicals known to the State of California to cause CANCER on June 19, 2009. Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco smoke. Many of the newer, stronger "designer" varieties have not been tested -- but hey, they're stronger -- figure it out yourself... ------------

How many chemicals in tobacco are cancer causing?

About 43 chemicals in tobacco products are known to be cancer causing.

How many kinds of cancer causing chemicals can be found in a can of dip?

I do not know, please answer this question for me.......anybody.

What is the fastest way to get cancer?

Sometimes cancer is genetic, but it increases a person's odds when they are exposed to cancer causing agents. Cigarettes contain many chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

What effects does marijuana do to the body?

marijuana stimulates brain cells causing you to think and focus. it has many health benefits and has been proven to prevent cancer symptoms.

How many chemicals are found in marijuana?

0 chemicals are in marijuana. Only the NATURAL OCCURING compounds.

How many chemical compounds are in marijuana?

421 chemicals in Marijuana

How many cancer causing substances are inhaled by smokers?

Of the 599 chemicals in cigarette smoke, about 40 of the substances are known carcinogens.

What are the carcinogens present in tobacco?

way too many to name... there is over 4000 chemicals made when tobacco is burned. many of them are cancer causing

How many other chemicals are found in marijuana?

Marijuana contains no chemicals. It is grown, then the buds are removed, dried, and packaged to be sold.

How many chemicals is in maraijuana?

421 chemicals, lol, but only 61 are "marijuana only" chemicals

Cancer causing substance?

There are so many different substances that cause cancer. Some of the common agents that cause cancer include cigarettes, food chemicals, gamma radiation and so much more.

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