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How many centimeters is top side of the iPhone 5?


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The iPhone 5 is 12.38 cm high and 5.86 cm wide.

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I about 2 inches across so on the top and bottom and about 4 inches on the side so up and down or as in on the sides

if its an iphone 1,2,3 then its at the top you have to get a paperclip or something small to open it.(dont use anything tht will damage your phone) if its an iphone 4,4s,5 it on the right side.

well i don't know about centimeters but of the top of my head there are 12 inches in a foot

it is on the top of iphone

you cant drag and drop like a ordinary mp3 player you have to go into itunes and when your phone is connected click on the iphone tab on the side then the music tab on top

It is located on the top of the iPhone to the right.

iPhone 3G and 3GS, sim card slot is on the top of the device next to the lock button. iPhone 4, side of the device. NOTE: 3G/S and i4 use two different SIM cards. NOT interchangable.

At the top there should be a rectangular shape with a hole in the side. Open that up and tad pop it straight in!

Hold down the lock button on the top of the iPhone.

On the top, to the right on all iPhone models to date.

4 - left side, right side, top side, and bottom side

If the applications are downloaded via iTunes, they will be automatically transfered to the iPhone during synchronization. Otherwise, the apps downloaded via iPhone will be copied and backed up to the iTunes during synchronization. So to transfer the apps to the iPhone, just connect the phone to the iTunes and sync. Click on iphone on the side bar, then apps up the top, then sync apps.

6 sides, left side, right side, top side, bottom side, inside and outside.

On the left hand side there is a long button. To make it louder you press the top of the button. To make the volume lower press the bottom of it.

there are 200 centimeters in 20 decimters.. Plus if yopu ask on google it'll give you the answer at the top of the page in big bold words.

By pressing the lock button on the top right of the iPhone.

In short, 243.840000001 centimeters.Explained:1 foot = 12 inches1 inch = about 2.54 centimeters(8 feet)(12 inches)(2.54 centimeters) = 243.84.To arrive at the answer at the very top, I had 1 inch = 2.539999999997 centimeters...which is a tad more accurate.

There are many of free news apps on the iPhone. Some of the top news apps are APMobile, The New York Times App, and NPR News iPhone App. You can find these in the App store.

The top side is congruent to the bottom side, and the left side is congruent to the right side.

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