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There are 39 chapters in Breaking Dawn but the whole book is divided into three parts, from Bella's Point of view, then Jacobs, and the Bella's again. There are 754 pages and the last chapter is called The Happily Ever After.

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How many chapters will breaking dawn by Stephenie Meyer be?


How many chapters are in Jacbos point of view in Breaking Dawn?

10 chapters are in Jakes view. Chapters 8-18

How many chapters are in Eclipse without the preface or the epilogue and the preview of Breaking Dawn?

There are 27 chapters total in Eclipse, excluding the preface and the epliogue. There is no preview of Breaking Dawn in the back of Eclipse.

What chapters of Breaking Dawn did they use in the movie Breaking Dawn part 1?

All of them i think

How many times does Bella get pregnant?

once, in the first beginning chapters of breaking dawn

How many chapters are in the book Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer?

27 chapters plus the preface, epilogue and chapter 1 of breaking dawn

Who gets married in the book breaking dawn by stephnie Meyer?

Bella and Edward get married in Breaking Dawn, it happens in the first couple of chapters.

Are there more than eleven chapters in Breaking Dawn?

Yes there are more than eleven chapters. I heard that there at least 39 chapter not including the one from Jacob's point of view although this might be an answer to how many chapters there are in Eclipse. there are actually 39 chapters in breaking dawn... chapters 1-7 and chapters 19-39 are in Bella's perspective chapters 8-18 are in Jacob's perspective this doesn't count the prefaces at the beginning of each section/book

When is Breaking Dawn in paperback out?

Check Chapters in Canada or Barnes and Noble in the States becasue Breaking Dawn came out in paperback abut 2 years ago.

What are the names of the last three chapters in Twilight?

New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

Where to get breaking dawn?

The movie isn't out yet but the book you can buy at chapters, indigo, coles, walmart, and so many more places

How many pages does Breaking Dawn have?

Breaking Dawn has 768 pages.

How many paged are in Breaking Dawn?

there are 756 pages in breaking dawn

Summary of the first 3 chapters OS breaking dawn about?

about Bella's engagement and big day.

What chapter in breaking dawn do Bella and edward make love?

in the first couple of chapters. (their honeymoon)

How many chapters does braking dawn have?

Breaking dawn is actually three books, first is Bella chptr 1-7, then Jacob 8-18 and Bella again 19-39.

How many pages are actually in breaking dawn?

There are 756 pages in Breaking Dawn

How many chapter's in Breaking Dawn?

Okay so the chapters in Breaking Dawn could be a little tricky because it's split into 3 parts or books, Bella, Jacob, and then Bella again. The first book is only 7 chapters. The second book, Jacob, is 11 chapters, and the last book, Bella, is 21. So all together there are 39 chapters. Sorry I know it's confusing! Hope this answers your question!

How many werewolves were in forks in the end of breaking dawn?

there were seventeen werewolves in breaking dawn.

How many parts is there to breaking dawn?

There are two parts to the twilight saga breaking dawn

Where can you go to read breaking dawn online for free without downloading it?

on youtube someone reads you the chapters

What is a good website for breaking dawn the book?

on barns and you can read the first five chapters for free!

Do Bella and Edward get married in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, Bella and Edward get married during the early chapters of Breaking Dawn and have their honeymoon on Isle Esme, the island Carlisle bought and named after his wife, Esme.

What are the Stephenie Meyer books and there chapters?

Sorry but i don't know the chapters :S... but i know the books they are: Twilight New moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn The host

How many words does Breaking Dawn have?

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer has roughly 188500 words in it.

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