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142 Chapters

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Q: How many chapters are in Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever?
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Who is telling the story in Maximum Ride schools out forever?

Maximum Ride tells the story

What will the Maximum Ride book after angel be called?

Schools out forever

What is the title of the second book in the Maximum Ride series?

Schools out - Forever

What point of view is Maximum Ride schools out forever written in?


What is the boy's name in the cover of the Maximum Ride book Schools Out Forever?

The boy on the cover is fang in front of maximum

What are the middle school books in order by James Patterson?

In maximum Ride its: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Maximum Ride: Schools Out Forever Maximum Ride: Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports Maximum RIde: The Final Warning Max Fang Angel Nevermore

What is the mood in Maximum Ride schools out forever?

well its hard to say its how you ask it.........sorry was no help....

Who is Lissa in Maximum Ride?

Lissa is the girl Fang kind of dated and kissed in Schools Out-Forever.

What is the climax to Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever?

The climax of the second book is the fight with the two Max's.

Has the movie for Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever come out yet?

No its coming out in 2010 I'm not sure what month though

What are the 8 titles of Maximum Ride novels?

Maximum Ride: The angel experiment Maximum Ride: School's out forever Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports Maximum Ride: Final warning Maximum Ride: Max Maximum Ride: Fang Maximum Ride: Angel Maximum Ride: Nevermore

How many chapters is there in Angel a Maximum Ride novel?