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I think the climax of life of Pi is when Pi discovers that his only chance of survival relies on taming Richard Parker. Before this part, Pi had sort of started to give up, believing that he did not have a chance for survival with a tiger on board. However, as the idea of taming R.P. grows in his mind, he starts to pick himself off his feet. Not only did the training of taming Richard Parker increase Pi's chance for survival, it also brought out his strong will to leave, and not succumb to the elements or the tiger. He mentions that Richard Parker was his reason for living, and so Pi never gave up after he stated to accept that Richard Parker needed to live.

Note: I believe this is the climax because it gives Pi a goal to strive for, and makes him stop giving up. Of course, I think this story is more than one pyramid with a climax at the top; it is several pyramids that have different climax's. The most important or bold climax, however, can be very subjective.

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"Life of Pi" by Yann Martel consists of 100 short chapters in total.

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Q: How many chapters in life of pi?
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