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There are over 450,000 churches in the United States according to Premier Tourism Marketing's website and a few others.

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Q: How many churches are there in US?
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How many protestant churches are there in US?


How many churches in US?

A lot

How many Episcopal churches are in the US?

How many Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Universalist and other churches are in the US?

How many sabbath keeping churches are there in the US?


How many Pentecostal churches in the US?

Around 96000

How many black Pentecostal churches are there in the US?


How many churches have websites in US?

43.9% have websites and there are 300k Christian churches - If these numbers are accurate, that would make 131,700 churches.

How many christian churches are their in the US?

Approximately 3800 Christian churches are in the US. This answer probably left off 2 zeros at the end. Most estimates of Christian churches in the US range from 300,000 to 400,000.

How many Baptist churches in the US?

There are in excess of 52,000 Baptist churches in the United States. There are more than 17.5 Americans who are members of these churches.

How many Christian Churches in the US?

Over 220,000.

How many Christian Church in US?


How many churches are there in the US?

Precisely 486.39475259735927. Although there should in fact be none.

How many churches are in Oklahoma?

how many churches are there in the united states

Where can one find some Pentecostal churches in the US?

One can find some Pentecostal churches in the US by visiting the website of United Pentecostal Church International. A similar website is USA Churches where a directory of Pentecostal Churches in the US can be found.

How many churches in North Carolina?

how many churches in north carolina

How many Roman Catholic churches are in The US?

According to the Official Catholic Directory, as of Jan. 1, 2010 there are 18,372 Catholic parishes (or "churches") in the United States.

How many churches are there in London?

35 churches in london

How many churches are in valletta Malta?

313 churches

How many black churches are in America?

Due to the fluctuations found within the beginnings and endings of churches within the United States, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact number of African American churches exist within the country. However, as of 2009, it was estimated that roughly 6.9% of the churches within the US were historically black churches.

What state in the US has the most churches?

Tennessee does

Are Catholic churches taxed by the US government?

No. Catholic Churches, just like many other in the United States, are classified as non-profit organizations. The US Government or any state government can not tax their property or income.

Are there any churches in Shiraz?

Yes, there are many churches in Shiraz.

How many churches did Bach work for in his lifetime?

2 churches

How many Catholic Churches are in Utah?

About 5% of all churches in the state with most of the churches as LDS,

What is a high building part of many churches?

What is a high building, part of many churches