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How many cities are there in California?

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Number of cities in CaliforniaAccording to the League of California Cities, as of July 2011 there are 482 incorporated cities in California.
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How many cities in California?

there are 649 cities that are incorporated

How many big cities are there in California?


How many incorporated cities are there in California?


How many citys are in California 2009?

Maybe there are 490 cities in California 2009.

What is the location of University of California?

The University of California is located in the State of California. It has campuses in most all major cities in the state and in many lesser cities as well.

What are the names of the cities in California?

What are the names of the cities of california?

How many cities are in orange county California?


How many cities in California are named after a tree?


How many US cities are named California?


What cities in California begin with the letter c?

Carlsbad and Covina are cities in California. Coronado and Cudahy are cities in California.

How did the city of California change after gold was found?

There is no " city of California". We have a state of CA with many cities.

How many cities have been the state capitol of California?


What are some popular cities in California?

California is a state with many large and famous cities. Some of the more popular cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento.

How many cities does California have with a population of over 100 thousand?


How many cities named jellico are there?

There is a Jellico in California as well as Tennessee

Do California Cities pay sales tax?

California cities are exempt from paying taxes themselves. However, many cities in California have a city tax that residents must pay in addition to any other taxes. City tax is often added to the state sales tax.

California towns and cities that start with Q?

There are no cities in California that begin with the letter Q. Quincy is a community in California. It is located in Plumas County, California.

Where is wilmington located?

There are many cities by the name of Wilmington in the US. These cities are located in California, Delaware, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

What cities in California start with a Q?

There are no cities in California that begin with the letter Q. However, Quincy is a community in Plumas County, California

How many miles is it from Oregon to California?

Zero miles, Oregon borders California. Otherwise the cities involved need to be stated.

California cities on the Colorado River?

Blythe, California.

What part of California is known for the amount of gay people that are there?

Many large cities in California have thriving LGBT populations, but the cities that come to mind are:San FranciscoWest HollywoodLos Angeles

Was Sacramento one of the major cities in California in 1940?

It was and it remains a major California City though it lacks the population of other California cities.

Where in California is UPS based?

There are no corporate or regional offices of UPS in California. However there are many UPS locations scattered throughout California especially in the larger cities.

What 5 cities did the Spanish start and name after san?

San Francisco, California San Antonio, Texas San Diego, California San Jose, California San Luis Obispo, California There are many more than just five cities but here are five examples.