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Q: How many cobra bites can a mongoose resist?
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How many minutes do you have to live if a cobra bites you?

10 minutes

What is a mongoose prey?

A mongoose has many prey's such as road runners, bunnies, and more. There is a particular animal or should I say reptile that is a mongoose prey that is a strong snake... a king cobra.

How do you use the word sinuous in a sentence?

The river makes many sinuous turns before reaching the delta. The sinuous moves of the cobra do not confuse the mongoose.

Is a king cobra harmful to humans?

If the King Cobra feels threatened, it will send you many warning signs before it uses venom, after that, it is VERYdangerous. For it has about 10 pints of venom to spit across the sky at you, and if it bites you, you must IMMEDIATLY go to a hospital.

How many species of cobra are there?

how many species of cobra are there

How many pages does Sly Mongoose have?

Sly Mongoose has 352 pages.

How many children does the average mongoose have?

the mongoose can have seven pups per liter

Is the mongoose extinct?

{| |- | The mongoose is not extinct. They are not even on the endangered list. The live in many places over the world in Asia, Africa, India and even the Caribbean. |}

Who would win in a fight a cougar or a king cobra?

It is a true clash of the titans. The Python as with anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world. while king cobra is not larger than python. But it has venom.If they 2 fight then if there is a 25 foot python and a 16 foot king cobra it is very tough for king cobra to win because pythons are longer than cobra but king cobra has venom while the python is a non-venomous snake. But the python has size.Python uses its size as a weapon while killing a larger prey.But king cobra is smaller.So the one who attacks on the opponent first will be the winner . If the python attacks first on the king cobra and get a good grip on the neck and tail of the king cobra then the king cobra will be dead within 15 minutes. At the other end if the king cobra attacks python it will be a chance for king cobra. But the size of the python will many time to kill the python with venom.In that time the python had already killed the king cobra

How many people think mongoose are cute?

There are many people who think that mongoose are cute. Mongoose are carnivores, meaning that they eat meat. They are related to cats, and they hail from Asia, Europe and Africa.

How many litters can a mongoose have per year?

well according to my calculations, the mongoose can have at least 5

How many bites are in a dollar?

There are no bites in a dollar!