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Q: How many colored pencils are there?
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What do you like better crayons markers or colored pencils?

colored pencils

What do map pencils look like?

Map pencils are similar to colored pencils, but are widely viewed as inferior.

Who invented colored pencils?

Colored pencils were created around 1920 by A.W Faber Company, located in Germany. Don't we all just love colored pencils? :D

How are Prismacolor pencils different from other colored pencils?

Prismacolor is a company that manufactures art supplies such as pastels and colored pencils. What is unique about this brand of colored pencils is the color formula, which makes them easily blended and waterproof.

How are colored pencil and a pencils alike?

there both pencils

Is it worth it buying Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils when you have a lot of Crayola Colored Pencils already?


Are colored pencils wax?

no they are not

Is a colored map pencil the same as a colored pencil?

Probably Yes , the two are one in the same despite having different names .

Is there led in colored pancils?

yea there is lead in colored pencils

Are colored pencils made with graphite?

no but made out of wax (colored)

What popular brands sell colored pencils?

There are many different kinds of pencils, including basic writing implements with graphite cores, charcoal pencils that are typically used for drawings, grease pencils that write on unusual surfaces, mechanical pencils, and colored pencils.

What are some advantages of colored pencils compared to other pencils?

1. They come in many different colors. 2. They are not all gray.